During an interview on my Saturday morning radio show, I discussed how many people have become victims of chemical poisoning and environmental toxicity.


Since the late sixties we have been exposed to over 50,000 new chemicals, many still used today in clothes, cleaning supplies, make-up and perfumes, food preservatives, building materials, paint, plastics, fertilizers, herbicides, medications, vaccinations, hormone therapies, radiation from all types of electronics, and of course our water supply.


If you suffer from regular allergies, asthma, unexplainable pain, chronic fatigue, random digestive disorders, or if your health has worsened since moving into a new home, apartment, or work place, I highly recommend you check-out the book “POISONED” by Alan Bell. Or you can check his website


This man’s journey to hell-and-back is an amazing read, and should be in the hands of anyone concerned about their health.


We can also help you understand móre about toxicity, poisoning, and detoxing …at the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center on North 19th Avenue.

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