For all of you concerned about health it is good to do a blood test at least once a year!

It would also be good to choose more options than just your regular CBC (or Complete Blood Count), TSH, and cholesterol numbers.


For one, the normal laboratory ranges are often too broad. They either hit the panic-button when they shouldn’t, or they DON’T when they should!

I always recommend that you get a copy of the results and get a second opinion, or to study them on your own. Please remember, these numbers are explaining something about YOU!


Regarding more choices on the blood test form:


  • I would always add Vitamin D3;
  • If you know, or suspect, you have thyroid issues, then include TSH, Free T4 and Free T3, PLUS, at least one time, I would test for Thyroid Antibodies, which are TPO and TG.
  • In case you do a hormone test, I would ALWAYS include Estradiol, because of its relation to several devastating disorders.


And, if you need help filling out the form, please ask us …at the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center on North 19th Avenue.

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