Are You a Candid-ate for Candida?

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Many of you have heard of a health condition called Candida.
This is a yeast overgrowth, an often chronic disorder that affects not only women.

Symptoms include skin problems, thyroid disease, depression, anxiety, headaches, digestive disorders, neurological imbalances, such as Alzheimer’s and MS, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and diabetes.

Candida is a confusing term, because it includes a wide variety of symptoms. But in a way, that also makes it the answer to many health problems we’re having. Candida is the name of the disorder; out-of-control yeast is the culprit.

“Some” yeast naturally occurs in our body, but when it starts to infiltrate cells and systems that cannot handle yeast, we have a problem!

Yeast is an essential part of our digestion, working in balance with good bacteria for the proper break-down and absorption of nutrients; while also helping to eliminate waste material.

If you feel your health issues may be related to Candida, then please come in and learn more.

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