Causes and Effects of Trauma to the Body and Mind

I feel very empathetic when realizing how many people (both young and old) walk around every day with grief, depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, Bi-Polar disorder, OCD, self-esteem issues, and other forms of sadness.

World-renowned psychiatrist Bessel Van Der Kolk, in his book “The Body Keeps the Score” observes that even though the traumatic event has passed, our body and mind hold on to the memory of those actual moments. This often leads to pain in certain body parts, fatigue, fear, and uncontrolled bodily responses when reminded of the events, either consciously or subconsciously.

There is also the possibility that it is not just one event, but that the culprit is the under-diagnosing of a thyroid, adrenal, or hormone disorder, in both men and women.

Perhaps, have some additional blood tests done, and study the results yourself.

In addition to the saying “Physician, Heal Thyself” we like to add “Patient, Heal Thyself”, by doing more research.

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