Comprehending Pain

The US consumes the most opioid drugs per capita.

Recent statistics have shown an opioid addiction in this country. As a matter of fact we are the per capita opioid-consuming champions of the world! Not a record to be proud of, in my opinion.

On the one hand it is important to understand why we have pain; on the other hand we have to ask ourselves if the medical approach is helping and treating us the right way?

When in pain, our body is telling us to stop, or slow down. If we don’t do that when we experience acute pain, it will simply advance into chronic suffering.

Everybody will have their own excuse why it’s not a good time to experience pain… at that moment. However, there is always a reason behind the pain.

We need to ask ourselves how much they could be the results of mental strain, emotional stress, improper technique, or perhaps early childhood trauma and self-esteem issues.

To understand pain better we need a 360 degree approach. Anti-inflammatories and opioids ARE options; but they can lead to more addictions and unnecessary personal destruction.

Let us help you to look at pain from a different angle.

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