Living with a loved one who is depressed is very hard on everyone in the household.

There is a tendency to walk on eggshells, the feeling of hope combined with the unpredictability of sudden outbursts, the lack of intimacy and comfort, sleepless nights, as well a difficulty of often not getting your own needs met.

One of the problems we have is with the the actual depression DIAGNOSIS. Doctors have a list of about NINE characteristics of which you need to experience FIVE over several weeks, before they can identify you as being depressed.

However, this is a very loose way of diagnosing. It is so broad that living daily life, and experiencing sadness, upsets, as well as loss and grieving of all types, will automatically qualify!

And, there could be other underlying stressors, including an UN-Diagnosed Low-Thyroid disorder, LOW Vitamin D-3, as well as an UN-Diagnosed Hormonal Imbalance.

If you are someone who would like to understand depression better, then please come-in and find more hints …at the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center on North 19th Avenue.

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