While we slowly enter the colder season of 2018, look into protecting your health with the herb ASTRAGALUS.

ASTRAGALUS can be taken in capsule or tincture form.


Health benefits of ASTRAGALUS are numerous; but it’s best-known for building our immune system and enhancing overall immune response.

This Chinese herb is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, nor for those suffering from certain autoimmune disorders such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


In general ASTRAGALUS is very safe for most adults.

And with its Cold and Flu preventative benefits, and positive effects on both Heart and Kidney health, as well as its high antioxidant powers, this herb may be worth having on your kitchen counter.


According to the website ASTRAGALUS has twenty-three health-qualities. Besides the aforementioned benefits, this includes helping to prevent diabetes, and protecting the intestines by strengthening movement and muscle tone.


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