One thing known about VEGETARIANISM is that, if you do the diet correctly, your cholesterol levels will come down. This seems like a wonderful thing if you believe the fairytale from the statin-drugs pharmaceutical companies that any cholesterol level above 200 is dangerous for your health!


Cholesterol is a natural fat produced by our liver and is very important for correct brain function, the production of essential hormones, and for overall immune health, including protection from certain cancers.


In the Oxford Vegetarian Study of 5,000 vegetarian subjects, colorectal cancer was 39% higher amongst vegetarians than in meat eaters.


Eating a vegetarian diet does have known health benefits.

But, the lack of a complete amino acid profile, as found in animal proteins, the often lack of beneficial, anti-inflammatory and rebuilding Omega-3 fats, and the miss of certain vitamins, such as B-12, requires replenishing in supplement form to obtain optimal benefits.


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