What May Cause an Uptick in Suicide Attempts?

WOW… Dear Readers, my apologies for the recent drop in posting weekly health messages (called Health Pearls). I have been out of town, and was too busy playing with, and taking care of, my grandchildren; I just didn’t find the time to sit down and post these. I always hope you are enjoying them.

For many years, one of our store employees, Bayard Lewis, used to do a wonderful job publishing them every Monday. But Bayard was able to create full-time work in making videos and film, his passion; and he resigned from working with us. A wonderful young man, with great personality and talent; we miss having him around. And obviously, it is somewhat of a new routine for me; I will get better at it! During this week you will be bombarded with four of them (#’s 735, 736, 737, and 738) just to get caught up.

Health Pearl #735 is still about suicides. However, this time I want to invite you to do more reading about the possible “suicidal thinking” side-effects from pharmaceutical prescription drugs. I think it is a massive reason why the numbers are up! Here we go:

We often wonder what brings someone to commit suicide. And even though victims have written suicide notes, most people left behind did not expect this to happen!

Trying to simplify possible reasons why a person wants to take their life would not do justice to anyone at this point. However, I do see value in running through possible scenarios here.

One of them is the use of certain prescription drugs with unexpected side-effects. Pharmaceutical companies have been known to manipulate data, in order to push their drugs to market with FDA approval.

There is also the ongoing misdiagnosing of disorders, because of wrong parameters used in blood testing. I have noticed this in regards to testosterone, progesterone, estrogens, and cholesterol levels; and also when helping people suffering from thyroid and adrenal disorders. Too many are put on antidepressants and anxiety medications to address the undiagnosed, underlying diseases.

So many families have experienced tragedies with members being over-medicated!

Please, become informed! And we can help with that … at the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center on North 19th Avenue.

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