Do We Need to See a Specialist Because We Are All ‘Special’?

Do We Need to See a Specialist Because We Are All ‘Special’?

Not even twenty years ago, it was considered “unethical” for pharmaceutical companies and medical doctors to advertise their products and services on radio and TV.

However, today it is generally considered acceptable when we hear about medical specialists, their services, and the potential success stories pharmaceutical drugs miraculously can produce for our lifestyle enjoyment.

Somehow, modern medicine has elbowed its way into public acceptance creating an image that a little nip-and-tuck, minor surgeries, and definitely the use of prescription medications will improve life quickly and forever!

Doctors have gone through the changes from being “servants” to the community with their gift for healing, to becoming “Gods” deciding over life or death; then becoming “Specialists” not willing to take full responsibility, and now to becoming your “regular neighbor” living next door.

Just remember, our whole life we are complete people with a body, mind, and spirit.  To find true health we need to address it all! If that interests you, then visit us.

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