Every day people come into our store looking for MAGNESIUM. Most have used it before, but there are still those who never have, and who don’t know much about this mineral.

MAGNESIUM is very important for our body:


  • It is essential for pulling calcium from the small intestine into the bloodstream.
  • MAGNESIUM helps relax tight muscles; and it will help fight muscle cramping.
  • This mineral will help regulate blood pressure, whether it is TOO HIGH or TOO LOW.
  • MAGNESIUM also helps balancing blood sugars; and it will give us energy.
  • And, finally, MAGNESIUM is needed in more than 400 enzyme functions in the body. We have enzymes in the stomach, of course; but also in our liver, heart, brain, muscles, kidneys, etc. More than 400 of these enzyme functions depend on MAGNESIUM in order to function!


There are all types of MAGNESIUM available, and in different forms, such as capsules, tablets, liquid, powder, spray, and oils.

Depending on what form you prefer, and exactly what you need it for, we probably have a well-absorbable MAGNESIUM, just for you …at the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center on North 19th Avenue.


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