How To Overcome Candida Naturally

…best to eliminate sugars and sweeteners, grains, and high-sugar fruits to promote healing.  [Photo by Moyan Brenn.]

Candida and overall Yeast Infections, are not always caused by our food choices. However, changing our diet and taking specific supplements will help to improve the healing process.

If you like to be in charge of your own healing, then do your best to eliminate from your diet all fruits, sugars and sweeteners, all grains, and even vinegars and fermented foods.

This can be a very tall order. However, there is still a lot left to eat, such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, vegetables, shakes containing unflavored protein powders, as well as fats and oils from coconut, olives, fish, flax, butter, and avocados.

Candida is not a death sentence, but it can become extremely debilitating.
These dietary changes sound really harsh, but they are only temporarily. You won’t go hungry; and you will notice improvements quickly.

To accelerate healing from any Yeast Infections you can add high-quality supplements, such as Oil of Oregano, Olive Leaf Extract, Probiotics, and others, which are all available.

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