People in this part of Montana enjoy the outdoors, and so do many tourists.

However, winter season often involves broken bones, twisted ankles, torn ligaments, separated shoulders, and broken wrists. Orthopedic

Surgeons are keeping busy putting people back together; and Physical Therapists help them get their rhythm back.


However, the real healing starts after that!

Often painkillers and opioids are prescribed to reduce the pain. But, what is done to heal the soft tissue, the tendons and ligaments that have been affected by surgery?

Almost everyone starts feeling better by taking ARNICA after an accident as quickly as possible; and even something more specific, called T-RELIEF, which contains more ingredients for healing soft and connective tissues..

Then there are Turmeric and Curcumenoids, liquid Collagen, Willow Bark, Boswellia, Black Seed Oil, …and Comfrey, also called “knitbone” because it has been known to accelerate the repair from bone-breaks.

We carry a nice selection of all of them.

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