Regarding BONE HEALTH it is important to keep in mind two essential hormones: TESTOSTERONE and PROGESTERONE.

Women may experience bone-loss sooner, because they are more in touch with their bodies’ natural changes; especially once they go through Menopause. This is the time when their natural production of TESTOSTERONE and PROGESTERONE drops dramatically; and when Osteopenia and Osteoporosis become more prevalent.

But men can experience bone-loss and fractures as well when they get older, because of their natural drop of Testosterone and possible drop in Estradiol.

These are definitely things to monitor with a blood test. Always make sure you receive a copy of your test! Once it appears hormones play a role here, you can try with BIO-IDENTICAL hormones to slow-down or repair your situation.

As far as other supplements are concerned, I will talk next week about Calcium, Magnesium, and Strontium. These are all essential nutrients, not just for bone health, but other functions as well.

For now, feel free to learn more about your health …at the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center on North 19th Avenue, in Bozeman.

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