It’s currently hard to believe that spring started three-PLUS weeks ago!

However, THREE things are proof that this year’s winter is on its way out: People are spring-cleaning their homes and organizing finances and paperwork; We’re having more customers acquire about some type of body cleanse they like yo do at the end of winter; and thirdly we already have people come in to fight their seasonal allergies.


Regarding the home spring-cleaning: If you need some help staying enthusiastic and energetic, check-out our high-quality protein powder, and perhaps some B-Vitamins and energizing herbs


If you are more into Body Cleansing: than please ask about our different gentle but efficient cleansing options, and perhaps some dietary suggestions to go along with that.


And, for those exhausting, life-force draining seasonal allergies: come see our selection of allergy supplements, such as Quercetin, Nettles, Netti-pots, and even CBD-Oil.

Allergies can be extremely debilitating. Cleaning your house may temporarily aggravate it; then again, a spring body-cleanse may help to accelerate the healing.


Enjoy your Montana spring with a visit to …the Gesundheit! Nutrition Center on North 19th Avenue

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