Young Children Need Quality Nutrition

Good nutrition is key in a young child’s life. Often, not enough attention is paid to why that is. Just remember that you are responsible for nourishing trillions of cells in the body, including stem cell producers. That’s no small responsibility! Babies and young children not only absorb what they see and hear around them; they are also very affected by the nutrients, or lack thereof, from food they eat daily. And this can go a long way.

There will come a time when they simply want to eat whatever they want. When that happens, they won’t hear you anymore. And it may be many years before they become inspired to show more dietary discipline; perhaps because of a disease, or because they hang out with friends who have healthy eating habits. Every cell does best on a higher fat and protein diet, with little carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. A child’s brain needs high quality fat, such as MCT oil and fish oil.

Please come in, and let us help you understand children’s nutritional needs better.

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