Easing Leg Cramps with Minerals and Electrolytes for Summertime

Hopefully we’re all more active in the summer and that means more sweating.  As we sweat, our bodies need electrolytes to keep us hydrated, tolerate heat, and ensure muscles function properly.

Electrolytes are easy to take in liquid form, simply add some drops to a water bottle.


Magnesium Plus (left) contains both magnesium and Potassium to help support mineral balance.  Elete drops (middle) are a quick way to add electrolytes to any drink, and Calm powder (right) provides just fast-acting magnesium that tastes great mixed in water.


You might be surprised to hear that two minerals may help prevent and alleviate leg cramps: magnesium and potassium.  Both minerals are important for proper muscle function and a deficiency in either one may cause leg cramps.


Photo credit: Andrew Hitchcock





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