Potential (Patented Vitamins for Brain Function & Behavior)

Brain Supplements for Students

A delicious, chewable multi-vitamin, Potential offers astute parents and kids a distinctive advantage over other mass market chewable vitamins. Potential is the very first patented, natural chewable multivitamin for kids, designed specifically to support academic performance, learning and behavior. These brain supplements for students have been independently tested under university supervision, and since 2000, Potential has been dispensed daily to thousands of US school children to support academic performance and behavior.



  • Special formulation patented to supports learning, academic performance (brain function) & behavior
  • Contains beneficial high ORAC antioxidant fruit concentrates
  • Contains multi-source ingredients for full spectrum nutrition
  • Contains natural and not synthetic vitamin & mineral forms
  • Contains no artificial colors or flavors
  • Dispensed in public schools for over a decade to thousands of US school children daily
  • Endorsed & selected by State Dept of Education
  • Physician designed & recommended
  • Made in the USA

Fact Sheet on the Potential supplement

900+ Panel of Hazardous Chemicals: Subjected to The Most Comprehensive Testing Available: Potential has been subjected to one of the most comprehensive testing panels available, covering over 900 analytes for hazardous chemicals including pesticides/herbicides, drugs, environmental toxins and endocrine disruptors to ensure that Potential™ provides the cleanest, natural dietary supplementation for your child. To our knowledge, no other kids’ vitamin is as rigorously tested.

Higher RDA for Vitamin D-3: We’ve increased the Vitamin D-3 content from 400 IU to 600 IUs because the Institute of Medicine has officially increased the Recommended Daily Allowance. We’re one of the very first companies to increase the Vitamin D content in kid’s dietary supplements because we believe it is important to stay current with scientific research that shows we all need more Vitamin D in our diet.

Potential is Always Free of Artificial Colors, Flavors & Preservatives: U.S. regulators are weighing a question parents have asked since the 1970s: do artificial food dyes make children hyperactive? The CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest) has petitioned the government to ban blue, green, orange, red and yellow food colorings. The synthetic dyes are common in food and drinks ranging from PepsiCo’s Gatorade, Cheetos and Doritos to Kellogg’s Eggo waffles and Kraft’s Jell-O desserts.

Active Forms = Better for Most Bodies*

Potential contains the “Active Form” of vitamins so that the body doesn’t need to make the conversion. Genetic differences in the population cause some individuals to have difficulty making these conversions. “Active Forms” do all the work for you. These forms are more expensive, but we use them in Potential for the kids’ benefit. Several examples are: Potential contains two forms of Vitamin B-12 (methylcobalamin is an expensive form), phosphorylated (Active) forms of Vitamin B2, B6, Niacin, Niacinamide, two different forms of Vitamin C (fat soluble & water soluble) and full spectrum, mixed carotenoids as they would occur in a balanced diet.

Potential also provides:

  • Selenium – an important antioxidant for brain function which is not typically found in mass market kids’ vitamins.
  • A unique form of iron – which a critical nutrient for developing brains. Many popular mass market kid’s vitamins, like gummies are missing this essential nutrient for growing kids.
  • Taurine – an amino acid that plays many roles in brain metabolism — both as a protective nutrient against environmental toxis, but also in brain chemistry regulating nerve function, neurotransmitter activity and behavior.

Feedback on Potential Supplements for Brain Health:

  • Teachers say that the classroom is quieter and more focused
  • Principals report significantly fewer office referrals for anti-social behavior
  • Parents notice that their kids seem calmer, more in-control and able to learn
  • Standardized test scores reflect significant improvement testing scores
  • One grandparent commented that her typically distracted grandchild was finally able to sit calmly, focus and finish his work

Read more information from Nova Nutrients about Potential.


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