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Health-Talk Radio has become a passion of mine ever since I started this weekly 3-hour program on July 9, 2000. Discussing different topics in-depth with experts in the field of health and healing has expanded my knowledge about the history of healing and its practical applications today. It has also humbled me in getting to meet so many different, dedicated and hard working professionals who all contribute in making this country and this planet a better place to live. I hope you will enjoy many ‘a-ha’ moments as you listen to the archives, and perhaps join me live on Saturday mornings! Learn more about the show.

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SATURDAY, AUGUST 31, 2019 So much to talk about, so little time to do it in! Coming up this Saturday morning, there are plenty of health topics to be discussed on “Gesundheit! With Jacobus”, such as: Suing the opioid manufacturers. Toxic tattoos. Chronic workplace stress. Prescription drugs increase dementia risk. And common food additives may […]

The New Health Pearl

Whole Body and Mind Wellness in Times of Stress

Our nation, and most of the world, are worried and on high alert about the Coronavirus. Does it strike you also that all potential solutions are based on western, or allopathic, medicine? Of course, hand washing, social distancing, and self- quarantining are practical mandates everyone should adhere by. However, when it comes to finding a […]

New Streaming Radio Archives

HEALTH with Burt Goulding

Burt Goulding, Jr. is a Clinical Nutritionist and Managing Director of the Positive Nutrition Institute. He has been involved in the Natural Food and Supplement Community since 1980, and is studying for his Doctor of Naturopathy degree. Burt has dedicated himself to supporting and strengthening thousands of independent health food stores and natural practitioners. His […]

Suing Opioid Companies – Dementia Risks – Anxiety Triggers – Tattoo Dangers

Track 1: Introduction of topics Article “Common Food Additive May Impact Gut Bacteria, and Increase Anxiety” Track 2: Start of article “These Common Drugs May Increase Dementia Risks” Call about reason for Dementia Track 3: Jacobus discusses his studies in Holland & interest in health Travel to USA Struggles Working at MT harvest Starting Health […]

Mike Tarantino and Brian Segal

Mike graduated from Montana State University in 2015 with a degree in Health and Human Performance with an emphasis in Exercise Science. During his time at MSU he studied applied sports biomechanics and adaptions of anaerobic exercise abroad in Salzburg, Austria. Mike is a certified personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist through the National Academy […]

Carol Wilcock, RN, MSN & Natalie Gonzales, D.O.

Carol Wilcock is a registered nurse of 30+ years with a passion for wellness. She worked at St. Peter’s Hospital as a float nurse for 10 years, a physician office nurse, home oxygen clinician, and instructor at UM Helena and Carroll College. She began a self-study program 20+ years ago in Complementary Medicine. She finished […]

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