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Health-Talk Radio has become a passion of mine ever since I started this weekly 3-hour program on July 9, 2000. Discussing different topics in-depth with experts in the field of health and healing has expanded my knowledge about the history of healing and its practical applications today. It has also humbled me in getting to meet so many different, dedicated and hard working professionals who all contribute in making this country and this planet a better place to live. I hope you will enjoy many ‘a-ha’ moments as you listen to the archives, and perhaps join me live on Saturday mornings! Learn more about the show.

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Every Saturday from 8am-11am MST
AM 1450 KMMS from Bozeman, MT
AM 1340 KPRK from Livingston, MT
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This Week’s Show


During the next few weekends I’ll have guests with me in the studio on “Gesundheit! With Jacobus”; so I figured it would be nice to squeeze in another OPEN-LINES  this Saturday morning. I will bring different health topics I think are timely and important. You, on the other hand, can kick-back, relax, and lend me […]


The New Health Pearl


HEALTH PEARL #814 Have you ever heard of the VAGUS NERVE? This nerve starts from two thick stems in our brain’s cerebellum and the brainstem. From there it spreads into branches and wanders down to the bottom of your torso, touching your heart and most major organs. This includes your stomach, small intestines, colon, and […]


New Streaming Radio Archives

Montana YewTips Anecdotal Stories & Continuing Research with Rus Willis & Chelsea Buckner

Rus Willis is President and General Manager of Bighorn Botanicals, Inc., a family-owned and operated company, located in northwestern, Montana, near the rural town of Noxon. Bighorn Botanicals was founded in 1991, beginning with a contract to harvest and process Pacific Yew bark (Taxus brevifolia) for a pharmaceutical company developing a chemotherapeutic drug from a […]


ALZHEIMER’S & COGNITIVE DECLINE with Dr. Hillary Lampers & Dr. Bronwyn Bacon

Doctors Bronwyn Bacon and Hillary Lampers are both Naturopathic physicians, who studied at, and graduated from Bastyr University in Seattle. Both Doctors practice at Elevate Health, a clinic located at 802 West Main Street in Bozeman. Their therapies range from Family Health to Hormone Balancing; from Neurocranial Restructuring (CNCR) to Perineural injection Therapy (PIT), and […]


OUR IMMUNE HEALTH PART 1 with Jacobus Hollewijn

Join us for 1 of many parts to our immune health! In this first part we discuss how the immune system works along with things that cause it to fail. Grab some pen and paper and let’s get started


THE FUTURE OF AGING FROM THE INSIDE OUT with Dr. Hillary Lampers and Dr. Bronwyn Bacon from Elevate Health

Hillary Lampers, ND Hillary has returned to her hometown of Bozeman to offer, along with other services, a highly specialized procedure that saved her quality of life and paved the way for her to become a doctor in the first place. From an early age, she faced some significant health challenges. Headaches, and chronic head […]


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