About the Show

Welcome to “Gesundheit!…With Jacobus”

The idea of this show came-up in the winter of 2000, when I realized that a lot of people in Bozeman, Montana still recognized my voice from doing radio-ads for a local health food store from 1995 through 1998.

One thing that I always realized from working in that health foods store is that many people come in to talk and look for answers related to problems they are suffering from. These problems are often on a physical level, but for many people that is not where it stops. Often, after asking them some personal questions about their life, it becomes apparent that many have a “cause” on either a spiritual, mental or emotional level, but that, because these issues have not been properly dealt with, they are now manifesting themselves on a physical level. For example, we all know that certain stresses (i.e. emotional/mental) can result in fatigue, eating disorders, bowel problems, skin-rashes, blood-pressure problems, etc.

Then when people are going to their regular allopathic physician, this person is trained to deal with symptoms, and will therefore make suggestions or prescribe medication, often with possible side effects.

It is also not a big secret anymore that many people die every year in this country from mistakes made by professionals in allopathic medicine, such as wrong surgery, wrong food in the hospitals, wrong diagnoses and wrong prescriptions.

People have a right to know what is going-on with their bodies and in many instances at least have a say, or input, about certain treatments and therapies. It is this right that has lead people to seek for information in the field of complementary medicine (i.e. naturopathy, acupuncture, yoga, homeopathy, vitamins, herbs, iridology, vegetarianism, macrobiotics, etc). Besides, so much information is available today in books, alternative magazines, television-ads, and of course the world wide web. This, in return, has created an enormous growth in an industry that is geared towards self-help, and that has ignited the growth of health food stores, the sales of esoteric materials and (often) expensive seminars / retreats / health-spas all over the western world.

This is where the idea of this radio program “Gesundheit!…with Jacobus” came from. Gesundheit means health or good health in German. This show is providing information and education that people can/may use.

I invite experts and doctors of both western as well as complementary medicine, and have them talk about their own field of study or about a specific topic. These professionals have gone to school for many years, studying how they may help others with their health, be it for chronic or acute/emergency conditions.

Every first Saturday of the month is tentatively reserved for “Open-Line”. This allows me, without having a live guest, to hit on recent news and developments in the health field. You are welcome to join me with your own discoveries and/or concerns, and share with others.

I do hope to provide to many listeners a piece of the puzzle in this often confusing field of health, a piece that may be the missing link in their quest for better and continued health.

I also use a disclaimer at the beginning of every program, which clearly states that “We’re here to educate, inform and entertain; NOT to diagnose, treat or cure. Please consult a physician or specialist of your choice and educate yourself…“.

So, appreciate the information of this show for what it is: …educational, inspiring, entertaining or whatever suits-your-fancy. Fact is that all my guests have a passion for their work, and that they all continue to educate themselves daily, voluntarily, so that they may provide the listeners with the latest and the best of what their health field has to offer! They are not trying to sell anything, nor do they pay to appear on the show.

Just remember that the latest and the best information can NOT and should NOT be categorized as allopathic or complementary, but should be recognized as important and essential for all who NEED to hear it and those who are READY to hear it.

I thank you for your listening support!