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Host Defense Mushrooms with Jerry Angelini, MS, LRC, LMT (5/18/2019) - Jerry Angelini is an integrative practitioner with training and experience in psychiatric and chronic illness rehabilitation, and is the Host Defense Education Director. His undergraduate and graduate degrees from Boston University form the foundation of his conventional medical training, which is augmented by TCM Herbalism, Ayurveda, and Western Clinical Herbalism. Additional training in Clinical Aromatherapy ...Continue Reading
Homeopathy with Jenna Dodge (5/11/2019) - Jenna Dodge is a student of homeopathy at Academy of Homeopathy Education. She is in her final semester of homeopathy school, practicing under supervision of experienced homeopaths, and will sit for her certification exam later this year. Jenna lives and practices in Bozeman and via "Tele-health" all over the world. Contact Information ...Continue Reading
Estrogens with Jacobus Hollewijn (5/4/2019) - Track 1: Introduction Why talk about Estrogens today? Wikipedia article about estrogens Explaining 4 typesWhen and where are they produced?What time during woman's life?Which hormones does the ovary make?Men need to know theirtotal testosteronefree testosteroneestradiolDHEA's Track 2: Call about what foods to avoid for men to gain during workouts Dr. Josh Axe video top 5 ...Continue Reading
Rus Willis and Chelsey Buckner on the Pacific Yew Tree (4/27/2019) - Rus Willis is President and General Manager of Bighorn Botanicals, Inc., a family-owned and operated company, located in northwestern Montana, near the rural town of Noxon. Chelsey Buckner, is Chief Operating Officer, and Quality Control Manager of the company. Bighorn Botanicals was founded in 1991, beginning with a contract to harvest and process Pacific Yew ...Continue Reading
Dr. Mary Newport “The Complete Book of Ketones” (4/13/2019) - Dr. Mary T. Newport grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in 1978. She trained in Pediatrics at Children's Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati and completed her fellowship in neonatology, which is the care of sick and premature newborns, at the Medical University Hospital in Charleston, SC. ...Continue Reading
Lisa Buford on ENERGY MEDICINE & James Templeton on his book “I Used To Have Cancer” (4/6/2019) - Lisa Buford lives in Montana. She has a private practice working with children, teens, adults, families and professionals. She is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and part of the original faculty for the two-year certification program. Lisa facilitates workshops locally and nationally. Lisa has over fifteen hundred hours of formal training. She has studied ...Continue Reading
Kathleen Karlsen Shakti Bliss Kirtan (3/30/2019) - Kathleen Marie Karlsen’s primary interests have always been the arts, healing and spirituality. As a teenager she began to pursue complementary health and alternative philosophies and ideas in earnest. She began to attend conferences and lectures on everything from Atlantis to Native American prophecies to the Egyptian pyramids to color and music therapies. Kathleen attended several universities ...Continue Reading
Open-Line #191 SOLO with Jacobus Hollewijn (3/23/2019) - In this open lines section we cover a variety of topics including: Medical Marijuana & Violence Relations Liver Disorders We did have a few callers chime in and change the topic to different things such as rubber in bread relating to the chemicals in marijuana, hemp oil & vaccinations. We hope you enjoy listening all ...Continue Reading
FECAL MACROBIOTA TRANSPLANTS – THE OPIOID CRISIS with Jacobus Hollewijn (3/16/2019) - Track 1: Introductions Philosophy about the concept of the show's purpose and about what you can do for yourself Track 2: Track 3: Track 4: Track 5: Track 6:
DIGESTIVE HEALTH – VAGUS NERVE – FECAL MACROBIOTE TRANSPLANT with Jacobus Hollewijn (3/9/2019) - 2019 Show Track 1: Introduction Topics of the day Article by Shannon McRae, PhD Digestive Health: The Role of the Vagus Nerve in Inflammation, Gerd, SiBo & Gastroparesis Introduction to the concepts. Several suggestions to "ease" digestive discomfort Track 2: Track 3: Track 4: Track 5: Call about apple cider vinegar/lemon juice in warm water ...Continue Reading
Couples Therapy with Julie Menanno, LCPC and Lori Case Marchak, LCPC (3/2/2019) - Julie Menanno is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. She works with couples who are looking for a healthier relationship. Her practice focuses on the following: Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)Relationship communication problemsConflict resolutionIntimacy issuesAffairs and other serious breaches of trustNavigating important decisionsParenting issues There are a few things in ...Continue Reading
Pain and Fatigue with Jacobus Hollewijn (2/23/2019) - Pain What is Pain? Different causes of pain: PhysicalEmotionalMentalSpiritual What are some of the things, actions, medications, supplements, therapies that may help to reduce or overcome these types of PAIN? Fatigue What is fatigue? Different causes of fatigue: PhysicalEmotionalMentalSpiritual What are some of the things, actions, medications, supplements, therapies that may help to reduce or ...Continue Reading
Gary Stoner on Immunotherapy (2/16/2019) - Dr. Gary Stoner grew up in Manhattan where his father owned a service station; and he graduated from Montana High School in 1960. He then attended Montana State University where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in 1964, and went on to receive his Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Michigan in 1970. ...Continue Reading
Burt Goulding Jr & the Essence of the Mineral Silica (2/9/2019) - Burt Goulding Jr is a Clinical Nutritionist and Managing Director of the Positive Nutrition Institute. He has been involved in the Natural Food and Supplement Community since 1980, and is currently studying for his Doctor of Naturopathy degree. Burt has dedicated himself to supporting and strengthening thousands of independent health food stores and natural practitioners. ...Continue Reading
John Neustadt on Sleep Disorders (2/2/2019) - Dr. John Neustadt founded and was a medical director of Montana Integrative Medicine. He was voted Best Doctor in a Best of Bozeman survey and was recognized by Elsevier, the world's largest medical publisher, as one of the Top Ten Cited Authors in the world for one of his publications. Dr. Neustadt published over 100 ...Continue Reading
Jenna Dodge Homeopathy (1/19/2019) - Jenna Dodge is a student of homeopathy at Academy of Homeopathy Education. She is in her final semester of homeopathy school, practicing under her final semester of experienced homeopaths, and will sit for her certification exam later this year. Jenna lives and practices in Bozeman via "Tele-health" all over the world. Contact Information website: ...Continue Reading
Raising Our Energy in the New Year with Danielle Egnew and Sahara Devi (1/5/2019) - Danielle Egnew is internationally renowned for her litany of layered spiritual talents. Applying her skill set, which encompasses Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Empathy, Psychometry, Mediumship, Remote Viewing, Profiling, Spirit Guide Channeling, Angelic Communication, Extra-Terrestrial Interpretation, and Tonal Healing, even outside-the-box spiritual ministry, Danielle Egnew has worked as a professional Clairvoyant and Medium both in the private ...Continue Reading
Montana YewTips Anecdotal Stories & Continuing Research with Rus Willis & Chelsey Buckner (12/15/2018) - Rus Willis is President and General Manager of Bighorn Botanicals, Inc., a family-owned and operated company, located in northwestern, Montana, near the rural town of Noxon. Bighorn Botanicals was founded in 1991, beginning with a contract to harvest and process Pacific Yew bark (Taxus brevifolia) for a pharmaceutical company developing a chemotherapeutic drug from a ...Continue Reading
ALZHEIMER’S & COGNITIVE DECLINE with Dr. Hillary Lampers & Dr. Bronwyn Bacon (12/8/2018) - Doctors Bronwyn Bacon and Hillary Lampers are both Naturopathic physicians, who studied at, and graduated from Bastyr University in Seattle. Both Doctors practice at Elevate Health, a clinic located at 802 West Main Street in Bozeman. Their therapies range from Family Health to Hormone Balancing; from Neurocranial Restructuring (CNCR) to Perineural injection Therapy (PIT), and ...Continue Reading
OUR IMMUNE HEALTH PART 1 with Jacobus Hollewijn (11/11/2018) - Join us for 1 of many parts to our immune health! In this first part we discuss how the immune system works along with things that cause it to fail. Grab some pen and paper and let's get started
Concerned Parents with Maria Wyrock & Chellese Stamson / The Zen of Beauty Transformations with Deborah Lee (11/3/2018) - Maria Wyrock, a wife and a mom that grew up in communist country, earned her US Citizenship nearly two decades ago, graduated University and had a career as a Financial Healthcare Consultant helping insurance companies renegotiate expiring contracts with Hospitals across the US. She then switched gears and had a 4-year career in buy side ...Continue Reading
THE FUTURE OF AGING FROM THE INSIDE OUT with Dr. Hillary Lampers and Dr. Bronwyn Bacon from Elevate Health (10/20/2018) - Hillary Lampers, ND Hillary has returned to her hometown of Bozeman to offer, along with other services, a highly specialized procedure that saved her quality of life and paved the way for her to become a doctor in the first place. From an early age, she faced some significant health challenges. Headaches, and chronic head ...Continue Reading
RAW MILK AND DAIRY DISCUSSION with Jacobus (10/6/2018) - Raw Milk and other dairy products have been a HUGE topic in the past year. Such a big topic we didn't even finish the topic in the 3 hour show!! Want to learn all about it or hear what others had to say? Tune into this 3 hour discussion on all the different aspects of ...Continue Reading
Audrey Ross on Athletic Nutrition, Hormonal Deficiencies in both Men and Women (9/22/2018) - Dr. Audrey Ross has been with Country Life Vitamins as their Western Regional Educator for the last 8 years. She joined the team with an extensive 25 year background in the Natural Products Field. For 10 years Audrey ran a successful naturopathic consulting practice in Texas. She worked with patients on basic health needs, conducted ...Continue Reading
Rus Willis & the MT Yew Tree (9/15/2018) - Photo Credit of Rus Willis: © bill rosch. All rights reserved. Rus Willis is President and General Manager of Bighorn Botanicals, Inc., a family-owned and operated company, located in northwestern Montana, near the rural town of Noxon. Bighorn Botanicals was founded in 1991, beginning with a contract to harvest and process Pacific Yew bark (Taxus ...Continue Reading
ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE (9/8/2018) - “ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE” A Book written by Robert Pirsig Dennis Davis (Film Maker) and Manola Carter (Producer) have teamed-up to make a documentary about the above mentioned book (published in 1974), which has somehow changed the life of many who have read it. They are both in the studio with me. ...Continue Reading
3 HOUR SPECIAL featuring Ann Louise Gittleman & Laura Selby (9/1/2018) - A solid 3 hours of POWERFUL INFORMATION! Enjoy 1 hour of Jacobus and his research on GLA and article sharing of "Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA)" Ann Louise Gittleman then joins the show for the 2nd hour to discuss her latest book "Radical Metabolism" And Laura Selby wraps the final hour discussing her Holistic ...Continue Reading
OPIOIDS CRISIS (8/25/2018) - What are OPIOIDS?  "Opioids" is a term for drugs that bind to opioid receptors in the body. They include everything from heroin and fentanyl to prescription pills like oxycodone (OxyContin), hydrocodone (Vicodin), codeine and morphine. It's a huge bucket, since it covers illegal substances as well as drugs prescribed by doctors. Which, actually, is part ...Continue Reading
Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed. – AGE OF MONTESSORI (8/18/2018) - Age of Montessori Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed. has been a Montessori educator for more than 40 years, teaching and training on five continents. BS in Child Development and M.Ed. in Integrative Education She is certified in Montessori Early Childhood 3-6, Elementary 6-12, and as a Master Teacher Trainer. Mary Ellen has served on the national ...Continue Reading
ED DRATZ SWEET PEA WEEKEND (8/4/2018) - We love Ed Dratz and having him on our show! Over the Sweet Pea Weekend here in Bozeman, MT we have had quite the show with many interesting topics.     Track 1: In this segment we cover the following topics: Omega 3's Meta Anaylsis Dietary Wrongs Track 2: In this segment with Ed Dratz we have ...Continue Reading
SEXUAL HEALTH with Robin Thomson (7/21/2018) - Dr. Robin Thomson is a naturopathic physician focusing on treating patients with biotoxin- and other chronic illnesses. Realizing a "missing piece" to her patients' treatment of Lyme disease with longterm antibiotics, Dr. Thomson completed the Dr. Richard Shoemaker certification in biotoxin illnesses in 2013. Rarely has she needed to use long-term antibiotics with this protocol, ...Continue Reading
Amy Pereira – ESSENTIAL OILS (6/30/2018) - Essential Oils Amy Pereira, BS, CHNC, RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) With her Bachelor's in Environmental Science, Amy Pereira has been passionately commited to environmental & human health education for nearly three decades and has served a variety of roles within the natural products industry over the past 20 years. Amy has served as a personal ...Continue Reading
BIOSCIENCE LABORATORIES, INC. with Daryl & Marsha Paulson (6/23/2018) - Introductions Image Credits to BioScience Labs website. Dr. Daryl S Paulson (Ph.D, MBA), President and CEO, has extensive experience in skincare research designs, clinical trials, and biostatistics. He is the author of the standard texts of antimicrobial and disinfectant product testing. Dr. Paulson has designed the procedures used at BioScience Laboratories, Inc., for evaluation of ...Continue Reading
SHERRI MITCHELL – SACRED INSTRUCTIONS (6/16/2018) - Sherri was born and raised on the Penobscot Indian reservation (Penawahpskek). She speaks and teaches around the world on issues of Indigenous rights, environmental justice, and spiritual change. Sherri received her Juris Doctorate and a certificate in Indigenous People;s Law and Policy from the University of Arizona's James E. Rogers College of Law. She is ...Continue Reading
TAKING CONTROL OF OUR OWN GUT-HEALTH (6/9/2018) - Dr. Michael Wohlfeld is a Naturopath who lives in California, and who regularly travels the country to speak, educate, do interviews, and show his passion for good health. This is the sixth time that he is a guest on Gesundheit! With Jacobus. Every time there is a pretty good chemistry between us; and so much ...Continue Reading
ALZHEIMER’S (6/2/2018) - June is National Alzheimer’s and Brain Health Awareness Month. In order to recognize that I interviewed both Lynn Mullowney-Cabrera, Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Montana Chapter, located in Billings, and Jeremy Glover, the Community Relations Director at Highgate Senior Living in Bozeman.   Lynn’s office: (406) - 252-3053 x8125 24/7 Helpline: (800) -272-3900 ...Continue Reading
AYURVEDA (5/26/2018) - I had never done a show about AYURVEDA, a 5,000 year old “Science of Life” movement, originated in India. Then I heard about Elaine Doll, CAS, PKS, LMT, founder of Blissful Ayurveda in Bozeman. Elaine was a wonderful guest, who has been studying and living Ayurveda since 2004: and who has been in private practice ...Continue Reading
DAVE WOOTEN- CRAZY HORSE (5/19/2018) - BOOK discussion: “CRAZY HORSE - WHERE MY DEAD LIE BURIED” by Dave Wooten       I had known for more than a year that DAVE WOOTEN was writing a book about Crazy Horse (Tasunka Witko ("His Horse Is Crazy"), the amazing Oglala Lakota (Sioux) War Chief (1840-1877). I told him then that I would love ...Continue Reading
MONTANA COMPOUNDING PHARMACY with Tim and Kathe Calcagno (5/5/2018) - Tim Calcagno's experience as a pharmacist has been extensive! After receiving his degree from the University of Arizona in 1970 he started working with Thrifty Drug, Inc. In 1977 he opened is own pharmacy, called Earl Neal Pharmacy, while continuing his education. 16 years later, in 1993, Tim decided to make a lifestyle change. He ...Continue Reading
Carol Wilcock and Natalie Gonzales – AN INTEGRATIVE MEDICAL APPROACH TO BETTER HEALTH (4/7/2018) - Carol Wilcock is a Registered Nurse of 30+ years with a passion for wellness. She worked at St. Peter's Hospital as a float nurse for 10 years, a physician office nurse, home oxygen clinician, and instructor at UM Helena and Carroll College. She began a self-study program 20 years ago in Complementary Medicine. She finished ...Continue Reading
5 ELEMENT NUTRITION with Marcia Scully-Wollerman (3/24/2018) - 5 Element Nutrition Marcia Scully-Wollerman Marcia Scully-Wollerman is a mother, nutritionist, education, intuitive healer and author. She encourages re-establishing the natural rhythm in the body rather than relying solely on willpower for well-being. Raised on a mid-western farm, she has been intrigued by good nutrition since early childhood. Her first training was in Secondary Education. ...Continue Reading
Alan Bell POISONED (3/17/2018) - POISONED Alan Bell After years of prosecuting hardcore criminals, rising legal star Alan Bell took a private sector job in South Florida's newest skyscraper. Suddenly, he suffered such bizarre medical symptoms, doctors suspected he'd been poisoned by the Mafia. Bell's rapidly declining health forced him to flee his glamorous Miami life to a sterile "bubble" ...Continue Reading
Red MoonEagle – ENERGY SENSITIVE CHILDREN (3/10/2018) - ENERGY SENSITIVE CHILDREN Red MoonEagle Red MoonEagle is a shamanic healer, astrologer and energy worker. She works with spirit guides and can see life patterns, karmic patterns and past life influences. She helps clients understand the web of life and assist them in fulfilling their purpose in life. Red guides them to harmonious acceptance of ...Continue Reading
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE & ABUSE with HAVEN (2/24/2018) - For nearly 38 years, HAVEN has been dedicated to providing quality service and advocacy for all domestic violence survivors in need. These services include survivor advocacy, legal advocacy, individual counseling, emergency shelter, a 24-hour support line, three support groups, and Community Education. These services are all vital to both intervention and prevention of domestic violence ...Continue Reading
Dave Hargett talks about the Benefits of CBD Oil (2/10/2018) - This was such an interesting interview. DAVE HARGETT is owner of the company Innovative CBD. He has been in the cannabis business since he was eighteen years old. you will learn about the Industrial Hemp business, the legality of hemp and cannabis today, the specific extraction machine Dave has developed, the endocannabinoid system (including a ...Continue Reading
ADRENALINE & STRESS – Michael Platt (12/9/2017) - Dr. Platt has practiced internal medicine from 1972-2011. He began his career as an internist with Kaiser in Richmond, California, one of the nation's first HMO's (i.e. Health Maintenance Organizations). The Kaiser philosophy of care, at that time, was preventive medicine, not managed care. Subsequently he worked with a traditional medical group, and then became ...Continue Reading
FLOWER ESSENCE with Patricia Kaminski (11/11/2017) - Patricia's love for plants and animals began during childhood, with roots on a 1,000-acre diversified farm in Central Nebraska. At the University of Nebraska she helped design, and majored in, the first Women's Studies Program, and helped found a unique counseling center for women students at that University. Patricia first discovered the remarkable effectiveness of ...Continue Reading
The Truth About Vaccines with Corrie Meza & Kaylie McBride (9/30/2017) - Corrie Meza, RN, BSN Kaylie McBride Montanan's for Vaccine Choice where individuals and parents call the shots. They also focus on advocacy work, providing individual and community awareness, support & education. Their goal: to support and enhance medical freedom rights and informed consent of the individual through legislative actions and public education. Create a wide ...Continue Reading
Tommy Donovan Ph.D “DEATH BECOMES US: THE MYSTERY OF MORTALITY AND THE NEED FOR MEANING” (9/23/2017) - Thomas Donovan, Ph.D Tommy Donovan holds a doctorate in Depth Psychology, with a specialty in "Mortality Studies." He received his degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute and currently teaches in the Honors College at Montana State University. Contact Information: Montana State University (MSU) Honors College (406)-994-4110 Track 1: Introduction Tommy’s story 4 stages:  Dilemma of ...Continue Reading
Jim Caras HEALTH DIRECT: COLLAGEN (8/19/2017) - JIM CARAS Founder and CEO of Health Direct Jim Caras has consulted in the health and nutrition industry for nearly 20 years. His best selling weight loss book How to Completely Reshape Your Body! is on its sixth publication and his articles on anti-aging, weight loss, pain relief, and achieving optimal health have been published in ...Continue Reading
DAN YOUNG & His Book: “Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System…” (8/12/2017) - DAN YOUNG, BCN, CNC Dan Young is a radio guest, author, lecturer, and clinician. He is also the creator of Practice BluePrint- A Guide to Clinical Mastery - a Hands on "6 day intensive intern program." Dan's passion is to educate people on what it takes to improve their health and save time and money ...Continue Reading
Montanan’s For Vaccine Choice (7/8/2017) - Corrie Meza, RN, BSN Kaylie McBride Montanan's for Vaccine Choice where individuals and parents call the shots. They also focus on advocacy work, providing individual and community awareness, support & education. Their goal: to support and enhance medical freedom rights and informed consent of the individual through legislative actions and public education. Create a wide ...Continue Reading
VAXXED! (7/1/2017) - VAXXED Bus Tour came through Bozeman MT and we we're able to speak with some of the main people behind the scenes. In the whole show we discussed many different topics such as medical errors that have become common and are now the leading cause of death in the U.S., safety grade at Bozeman Deaconess ...Continue Reading
Dr. Ronald M. Buss (5/20/2017) - Dr. Ronald M. Buss is an outstanding doctor who switched from the emergency medical field to the aesthetic medicine! He has a lot of interesting information to share with us so check out all of the segments below.               Segment 1: This segment of the show will discuss our ...Continue Reading
Jerry Schlesser discusses “POTENTIAL” (5/6/2017) - Dr. Jerry Schlesser has dedicated his professional career to medical entrepreneurship focusing on research, design and implementation of innovations in healthcare. Jerry has created "Potential" and throughout this radio show we will discuss factors of how and why he created it!             SEGMENT 1: Introductions, Dr. Dratz' Research and Study ...Continue Reading
The Journey of Healing Cancer with Philip Zemke (12/3/2016) - I hope you will tune-in this Saturday morning, December 3rd, to "Gesundheit! With Jacobus" as I welcome Philip Zemke back to the program. Two years ago he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer; and decided to undergo intense therapy. His health is improving today.  Philip is the minister of the local Unity Church ...Continue Reading
Dr. Kathryn Borgenicht on the Process of Dying (10/29/2016) - Aired on October 29th: This Saturday my guest Dr. Kathryn Borgenicht will be focused on geriatric medicine, pain, hospice and palliative medicine. She will discuss the process of dying. Dr. Borgenicht also invites anyone to come a free lecture this Friday evening at Pilgrim Congregational Church from 7-9pm. This will presented by Harvard educated theologian ...Continue Reading
SERVICE ANIMALS with Alicia Smith (9/3/2016) - In a 34- year career Alicia started 6 businesses and over time, sold them all; all this, while living with major depression, bipolar 2, PTSD, and agoraphobia. Alicia has taught over 85,000 people in person and 12,500 virtually (phone, webinars, and now radio). Today Alicia is a mental health advocate and speaker. On her bad ...Continue Reading
Nutritional Therapy with Dan Young (7/30/2016) - An archive from a live show on 7/30/16: I will interview Dan Young on "Gesundheit! With Jacobus". He is from Cheyenne, Wyoming, where he's had his clinic Country Doctor Nutritional Center for 15 years. Dan Young is a second generation family practitioner focused on the use of Nutritional Therapy and Herbal Based Remedies to improve ...Continue Reading
Martin May Looks Behind the Curtain of Big Pharma (7/23/2016) - On July 23rd many of our regular listeners are going to be very interested in this upcoming "Gesundheit! With Jacobus." Martin May will be my guest. He is very well versed in the ins-'n-outs of the pharmaceutical industry, and the many bold steps Big Pharma has taken to influence the way we view the field ...Continue Reading
Health News and Open Lines with Jacobus (7/16/2016) - Please join me for another "Gesundheit! with Jacobus". It may just be you and me, but perhaps a guest may show up to add some flavor to the conversation. My purpose is to share good, helpful, and health information about research, therapies, medications, lifestyles, and nutritional supplements that are available today. Sometimes I think I've ...Continue Reading
Physical Therapy Conditions with Nancy Astrup and Kelsey Housman (7/9/2016) - "Gesundheit! With Jacobus" I will celebrate 16 years of hosting this program. Although it is very special to me, I don't want to take time away from my two guests Nancy Astrup and Kelsey Housman, both physical therapists specializing in Vestibular Therapy, Concussions, Vertigo, and general Dizziness. These health issues affect more people than we ...Continue Reading
Chiropractor Spence Jahner on Natural Health (7/2/2016) - A familiar voice will be back on this radio station, Dr. Spence Jahner from We Care Chiropractic. He will join me as we co-host open lines. Years ago you could hear Dr. Spence almost weekly as he would talk for 15-20 minutes about chiropractic care, the nervous system, and many different health topics. Listen to ...Continue Reading
Health News and Open Lines with Jacobus (6/17/2016) - New information about food quality, cancer therapies, heart health, and hormones comes out almost every week.  Why not connect the dots, provide explanations, and bring to light what's actually going on? I am not the expert here, however by hosting the show I hope to share information that could be helpful staying up to date ...Continue Reading
Mental Health Challenges with Jason Deshaw and Calen Pick (6/11/2016) - This weekend I will have in the studio Montana native, and well-known country music star Jason Deshaw who has been very open, even in his music, about his battle with depression. Also in the studio will be Calen Pick, a spokesperson for the organization BringChange2Mind, who himself has lived with schizoaffective disorder since he was ...Continue Reading

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