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Show # Date Guest(s) Subject
486 6/5/10 Jim Gingery, Misty Carey, Charlie Gaillard & Richard Montana Medical Marijuana Panel (#1) Growing, Care Giving, Medicinal Benefits
Jim Gingery (Executive Director of the Montana Medical Growers Association) Email:
Misty Carey (a Care Giver)
Charlie Gaillard (Grower, and South Central Chapter Director of the Montana Medical Growers Association)
Richard (a User/Patient)
Part 1: Introductions; Misty explains terminology, and how Cannabis is used; Jim talks about the historical uses, and the 1970’s synthetic version of THC (Marinol®).
Part 2:Charlie elaborates on the growing process; Call about the hallucinating and psychotropic effects of the marijuana plant.
Part 3: Richard explains the myths surrounding (medical) marijuana, and how prescription pain-killers have affected his social life, work performance and overall quality of living; Jim talks about how the government looks at medical marijuana.
Part 4: Chuck’s comments; Call about the tremendous growth of younger users who may be masquerading as needy patients; Jim explains who is being prescribed, and what process is involved; Richard: “We need to focus on those who qualify”.
Part 5: Call from a patient who has never used medical marijuana recreationally for his debilitating symptoms; Call about bladder cancer; Jim’s comments about the legislative process; Call about impatience in teenagers, and how medical marijuana card may become “open” information.
Part 6: Charlie on how to grow and the process to watch for, and his comments on being both a grower and a care-giver; Misty about medical marijuana dosage, usage, and applications.

487 6/12/10 Jim Gingery, Jeff Krauss, Chris Lindsey Montana Medical Marijuana Panel #2: Politics, Zoning and The Law.
Jim Gingery (Executive Director of the Montana Medical Growers Association) Email:
Jeff Krauss (Bozeman Mayor) Email:
Chris Lindsey (Criminal and Civil Attorney in Helena, MT, specializing in Medical Cannabis issues) Email:

Part 1: Introductions; Jeff explaining the current zoning issues, when and where it is used; Call about medical marijuana storefront.
Part 2: Chris talks about the common and unique issues between cities in Montana (patient activities versus commercial activity); Jim expresses the need for good discussions about real solutions; Is it still a natural plant when so many chemicals are needed to grow it?; Jim talks about certain protocols.
Part 3: Chris answers a call about possible “greener” options for growing; Jim gives info about how many patients there are and how many care-givers; Call about trying to reduce the cost of growing medical marijuana.
Part 4: Chuck’s comments; Delving into the Montana Medical Marijuana Act, Initiative #148 (2004); Jim’s comments about the Medical Marijuana Work Group sessions results from June 9, 2010; How to define chronic and debilitating pain; Many 20-year olds are rightfully/wrongly using cannabis.
Part 5: Comments about World Cup® Soccer; and other announcements; Call about the Law being wrongly written: marijuana should never be prescribed by anyone but a physician, and only grown by pharmacies; Chris responds that it is all tightly regulated; Jim talks about the difference between federal law and state law. Fed’s involvement through the Controlled Substances Act; Call about freedom of enterprise; Call about Mayans who felt that plants truly have a spirit.
Part 6: Historical use of industrial hemp; marijuana is not really a “drug”, but has many complex compounds; Chris and Jim elaborate on the Work Group sessions: growers, employees, caregivers, store fronts; Jim: “We have perceived problems, not real problems!”