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The Journey of Healing Cancer with Philip Zemke (12/3/2016) - I hope you will tune-in this Saturday morning, December 3rd, to "Gesundheit! With Jacobus" as I welcome Philip Zemke back to the program. Two years ago he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer; and decided to undergo intense therapy. His health is improving today.  Philip is the minister of the local Unity Church ...Continue Reading
Dr. Kathryn Borgenicht on the Process of Dying (10/29/2016) - Aired on October 29th: This Saturday my guest Dr. Kathryn Borgenicht will be focused on geriatric medicine, pain, hospice and palliative medicine. She will discuss the process of dying. Dr. Borgenicht also invites anyone to come a free lecture this Friday evening at Pilgrim Congregational Church from 7-9pm. This will presented by Harvard educated theologian ...Continue Reading
Nutritional Therapy with Dan Young (7/30/2016) - An archive from a live show on 7/30/16: I will interview Dan Young on "Gesundheit! With Jacobus". He is from Cheyenne, Wyoming, where he's had his clinic Country Doctor Nutritional Center for 15 years. Dan Young is a second generation family practitioner focused on the use of Nutritional Therapy and Herbal Based Remedies to improve ...Continue Reading
Martin May Looks Behind the Curtain of Big Pharma (7/23/2016) - On July 23rd many of our regular listeners are going to be very interested in this upcoming "Gesundheit! With Jacobus." Martin May will be my guest. He is very well versed in the ins-'n-outs of the pharmaceutical industry, and the many bold steps Big Pharma has taken to influence the way we view the field ...Continue Reading
Health News and Open Lines with Jacobus (7/16/2016) - Please join me for another "Gesundheit! with Jacobus". It may just be you and me, but perhaps a guest may show up to add some flavor to the conversation. My purpose is to share good, helpful, and health information about research, therapies, medications, lifestyles, and nutritional supplements that are available today. Sometimes I think I've ...Continue Reading
Physical Therapy Conditions with Nancy Astrup and Kelsey Housman (7/9/2016) - "Gesundheit! With Jacobus" I will celebrate 16 years of hosting this program. Although it is very special to me, I don't want to take time away from my two guests Nancy Astrup and Kelsey Housman, both physical therapists specializing in Vestibular Therapy, Concussions, Vertigo, and general Dizziness. These health issues affect more people than we ...Continue Reading
Chiropractor Spence Jahner on Natural Health (7/2/2016) - A familiar voice will be back on this radio station, Dr. Spence Jahner from We Care Chiropractic. He will join me as we co-host open lines. Years ago you could hear Dr. Spence almost weekly as he would talk for 15-20 minutes about chiropractic care, the nervous system, and many different health topics. Listen to ...Continue Reading
Health News and Open Lines with Jacobus (6/17/2016) - New information about food quality, cancer therapies, heart health, and hormones comes out almost every week.  Why not connect the dots, provide explanations, and bring to light what's actually going on? I am not the expert here, however by hosting the show I hope to share information that could be helpful staying up to date ...Continue Reading
Mental Health Challenges with Jason Deshaw and Calen Pick (6/11/2016) - This weekend I will have in the studio Montana native, and well-known country music star Jason Deshaw who has been very open, even in his music, about his battle with depression. Also in the studio will be Calen Pick, a spokesperson for the organization BringChange2Mind, who himself has lived with schizoaffective disorder since he was ...Continue Reading
Nervous System Health and Stress with Thomas Schieffer (6/4/2016) - This live broadcast aired on 6/4/16: This Saturday morning I'll introduce Thomas Schieffer, a Reiki Master, a Chinese Herbalist, and overall very interesting person, I am sure you will enjoy. Thomas will talk about the nervous system, stressors on the mind and body, and why Chinese Herbs are still relevant today in spite of so ...Continue Reading
Environmental Nutrition with Dr. Selena Ahmed and Catherine McBee with laugh therapy (5/14/2016) - There will be a split "Gesundheit! With Jacobus". First I will have Selena Ahmed, a PhD from the MSU Department of Health and Human Development as a guest. She will talk about the link between Agriculture, Nutrition, and Health, especially with a focus on food quality. At 9:30 Catherine Mcbee will bring a few guests ...Continue Reading
Kidney Health with Dr. Gerry Groggel (5/7/2016) - It is with great pleasure to announce that Dr. Gerry Groggel is back on "Gesundheit! With Jacobus". Dr. Groggel has been on the program before as a Nephrologist, or kidney specialist. He recently retired and has now offered his services as a professor at Montana State University's Pre-Med school. This time he will educate us ...Continue Reading
Hormone Expert Dr. Michael Platt Returns (4/30/2016) - I am delighted to welcome back Dr. Michael Platt on my radio show "Gesundheit! With Jacobus" this Saturday morning! When he was my guest in May of last year, he introduced us to the term 'Adrenaline Dominance', which is also the title of his latest book. Understanding the workings of our adrenal glands, and the ...Continue Reading
NeuroFeedback with Jan and Claude Matney (4/22/2016) - Part of the program will be focusing on counseling and "Neurofeedback". This is probably a word you have heard about before; but what does it really mean? Jan and Claud Matney from the nCenter will be in the studio with me to explain Neurofeedback, Brain Mapping, and other Mental Health Issues. Jan Matney is a ...Continue Reading
Open Lines with Jacobus – April 16 (4/16/2016) - Based on ongoing research in this field of integrative medicine, as well as some things I learned while visiting family in Europe, I will be right here sharing health information about topics that are new and noteworthy. It's not about new products, but about new research done on health conditions with therapies we already know. ...Continue Reading
Pioneers in Health – Domestic Violence and Teen Suicides (3/26/2016) - During a short trip to Denver in March, I attended a conference about integrative medicine.  I'd like to discuss some things I heard at this seminar, however, I'll also share more about two recent topics: teenage suicides and last Saturday's interview on domestic violence. Listen to the radio archive for this Open Line show here: ...Continue Reading
Teen Suicide and Mental Health in Montana (3/12/2016) - Many of you may have heard about the recent teenage suicides in Livingston, and the subsequent article in the Bozeman Chronicle this past Sunday. It is a heart-wrenching occurrence too often experienced in Montana, especially when it involves our young generation! Then, almost two months ago, there was extensive coverage in the Bozeman High School ...Continue Reading
Sound Therapy and the Tomatis Method with Michael and Mayela Koster (3/5/2016) - Have you ever heard of something called "Sound Therapy"? This will be the topic of discussion coming up this weekend on "Gesundheit! With Jacobus" My guests in the studio will be Michael and Mayela Koster who are both certified in the Tomatis Method. Tomatis is a listening program therapy that may help with learning and ...Continue Reading
The Science of Medicinal Mushrooms with Jerry Angelini (2/20/2016) - Interestingly enough, I have never devoted a "Gesundheit! With Jacobus" radio show to the amazing science and healing properties of Medicinal Mushrooms. Coming up this Saturday morning my guest Jerry Angelini, will educate us about therapeutic mushrooms, such as Reishi, Agaricus, Maitake, Shiitake, and Turkey Tail. Jerry is the National Science Educator for Host Defense ...Continue Reading
Alicia Smith on Mental Health Issues and Mary DeBernardis Discusses Fragile-X (2/13/2016) - Please tune in this weekend to another "Gesundheit! With Jacobus", as the focus, once again, will be on Mental Health in Montana. My co-host Alicia Smith will only be here for the first half, as she is teaching a peer-education class that is connected to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. And at 9:30, ...Continue Reading
Bozeman Acupuncturist A.I. Lieber Discusses Common Health Issues (2/6/2016) - It surely has been awhile since I had my guest A.I. Lieber on "Gesundheit! With Jacobus". I’ve had to go back many years in my archive to find him! A.I. moved his family from Connecticut to Bozeman back in 2005 or so, and set-up a successful practice as a Japanese Acupuncturist and Doctor in Oriental ...Continue Reading
Open Line #164 with Jacobus (1/30/2016) - Please tune-in, once again, to this weekend's "Gesundheit! With Jacobus", and learn about different things you can do to improve your health and well-being. Topics such as weight loss, better energy, heart health, and understanding more about aging are always a part of people's annual New Year's Resolutions. However, we can do so much better ...Continue Reading
Richard Shafsky and Brad Meyer on Open Line #163 (1/23/2016) - Health, healing, and healthy lifestyles will be front and center. I will be back to host my first live show in 2016. This show featured guests Richard Shafsky and Brad Meyer. Richard is devoting a big portion of his life today toward helping others who would like a stronger immune system. He has had bouts ...Continue Reading