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ADRENALINE & STRESS – Michael Platt (12/9/2017) - Dr. Platt has practiced internal medicine from 1972-2011. He began his career as an internist with Kaiser in Richmond, California, one of the nation's first HMO's (i.e. Health Maintenance Organizations). The Kaiser philosophy of care, at that time, was preventive medicine, not managed care. Subsequently he worked with a traditional medical group, and then became ...Continue Reading
FLOWER ESSENCE with Patricia Kaminski (11/11/2017) - Patricia's love for plants and animals began during childhood, with roots on a 1,000-acre diversified farm in Central Nebraska. At the University of Nebraska she helped design, and majored in, the first Women's Studies Program, and helped found a unique counseling center for women students at that University. Patricia first discovered the remarkable effectiveness of ...Continue Reading
Tommy Donovan Ph.D “DEATH BECOMES US: THE MYSTERY OF MORTALITY AND THE NEED FOR MEANING” (9/23/2017) - Thomas Donovan, Ph.D Tommy Donovan holds a doctorate in Depth Psychology, with a specialty in "Mortality Studies." He received his degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute and currently teaches in the Honors College at Montana State University. Contact Information: Montana State University (MSU) Honors College (406)-994-4110 Track 1: Introduction Tommy’s story 4 stages:  Dilemma of ...Continue Reading
Jim Caras HEALTH DIRECT: COLLAGEN (8/19/2017) - JIM CARAS Founder and CEO of Health Direct Jim Caras has consulted in the health and nutrition industry for nearly 20 years. His best selling weight loss book How to Completely Reshape Your Body! is on its sixth publication and his articles on anti-aging, weight loss, pain relief, and achieving optimal health have been published in ...Continue Reading
DAN YOUNG & His Book: “Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System…” (8/12/2017) - DAN YOUNG, BCN, CNC Dan Young is a radio guest, author, lecturer, and clinician. He is also the creator of Practice BluePrint- A Guide to Clinical Mastery - a Hands on "6 day intensive intern program." Dan's passion is to educate people on what it takes to improve their health and save time and money ...Continue Reading
VAXXED! (7/1/2017) - VAXXED Bus Tour came through Bozeman MT and we we're able to speak with some of the main people behind the scenes. In the whole show we discussed many different topics such as medical errors that have become common and are now the leading cause of death in the U.S., safety grade at Bozeman Deaconess ...Continue Reading
Dr. Ronald M. Buss (5/20/2017) - Dr. Ronald M. Buss is an outstanding doctor who switched from the emergency medical field to the aesthetic medicine! He has a lot of interesting information to share with us so check out all of the segments below.               Segment 1: This segment of the show will discuss our ...Continue Reading
Jerry Schlesser discusses “POTENTIAL” (5/6/2017) - Dr. Jerry Schlesser has dedicated his professional career to medical entrepreneurship focusing on research, design and implementation of innovations in healthcare. Jerry has created "Potential" and throughout this radio show we will discuss factors of how and why he created it!             SEGMENT 1: Introductions, Dr. Dratz' Research and Study ...Continue Reading