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Montana YewTips Anecdotal Stories & Continuing Research with Rus Willis & Chelsey Buckner (12/15/2018) - Rus Willis is President and General Manager of Bighorn Botanicals, Inc., a family-owned and operated company, located in northwestern, Montana, near the rural town of Noxon. Bighorn Botanicals was founded in 1991, beginning with a contract to harvest and process Pacific Yew bark (Taxus brevifolia) for a pharmaceutical company developing a chemotherapeutic drug from a ...Continue Reading
ALZHEIMER’S & COGNITIVE DECLINE with Dr. Hillary Lampers & Dr. Bronwyn Bacon (12/8/2018) - Doctors Bronwyn Bacon and Hillary Lampers are both Naturopathic physicians, who studied at, and graduated from Bastyr University in Seattle. Both Doctors practice at Elevate Health, a clinic located at 802 West Main Street in Bozeman. Their therapies range from Family Health to Hormone Balancing; from Neurocranial Restructuring (CNCR) to Perineural injection Therapy (PIT), and ...Continue Reading
OUR IMMUNE HEALTH PART 1 with Jacobus Hollewijn (11/11/2018) - Join us for 1 of many parts to our immune health! In this first part we discuss how the immune system works along with things that cause it to fail. Grab some pen and paper and let's get started
THE FUTURE OF AGING FROM THE INSIDE OUT with Dr. Hillary Lampers and Dr. Bronwyn Bacon from Elevate Health (10/20/2018) - Hillary Lampers, ND Hillary has returned to her hometown of Bozeman to offer, along with other services, a highly specialized procedure that saved her quality of life and paved the way for her to become a doctor in the first place. From an early age, she faced some significant health challenges. Headaches, and chronic head ...Continue Reading
RAW MILK AND DAIRY DISCUSSION with Jacobus (10/6/2018) - Raw Milk and other dairy products have been a HUGE topic in the past year. Such a big topic we didn't even finish the topic in the 3 hour show!! Want to learn all about it or hear what others had to say? Tune into this 3 hour discussion on all the different aspects of ...Continue Reading
Audrey Ross on Athletic Nutrition, Hormonal Deficiencies in both Men and Women (9/22/2018) - Dr. Audrey Ross has been with Country Life Vitamins as their Western Regional Educator for the last 8 years. She joined the team with an extensive 25 year background in the Natural Products Field. For 10 years Audrey ran a successful naturopathic consulting practice in Texas. She worked with patients on basic health needs, conducted ...Continue Reading
Rus Willis & the MT Yew Tree (9/15/2018) - Photo Credit of Rus Willis: © bill rosch. All rights reserved. Rus Willis is President and General Manager of Bighorn Botanicals, Inc., a family-owned and operated company, located in northwestern Montana, near the rural town of Noxon. Bighorn Botanicals was founded in 1991, beginning with a contract to harvest and process Pacific Yew bark (Taxus ...Continue Reading
ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE (9/8/2018) - “ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE” A Book written by Robert Pirsig Dennis Davis (Film Maker) and Manola Carter (Producer) have teamed-up to make a documentary about the above mentioned book (published in 1974), which has somehow changed the life of many who have read it. They are both in the studio with me. ...Continue Reading
3 HOUR SPECIAL featuring Ann Louise Gittleman & Laura Selby (9/1/2018) - A solid 3 hours of POWERFUL INFORMATION! Enjoy 1 hour of Jacobus and his research on GLA and article sharing of "Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA)" Ann Louise Gittleman then joins the show for the 2nd hour to discuss her latest book "Radical Metabolism" And Laura Selby wraps the final hour discussing her Holistic ...Continue Reading
OPIOIDS CRISIS (8/25/2018) - What are OPIOIDS?  "Opioids" is a term for drugs that bind to opioid receptors in the body. They include everything from heroin and fentanyl to prescription pills like oxycodone (OxyContin), hydrocodone (Vicodin), codeine and morphine. It's a huge bucket, since it covers illegal substances as well as drugs prescribed by doctors. Which, actually, is part ...Continue Reading
Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed. – AGE OF MONTESSORI (8/18/2018) - Age of Montessori Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed. has been a Montessori educator for more than 40 years, teaching and training on five continents. BS in Child Development and M.Ed. in Integrative Education She is certified in Montessori Early Childhood 3-6, Elementary 6-12, and as a Master Teacher Trainer. Mary Ellen has served on the national ...Continue Reading
ED DRATZ SWEET PEA WEEKEND (8/4/2018) - We love Ed Dratz and having him on our show! Over the Sweet Pea Weekend here in Bozeman, MT we have had quite the show with many interesting topics.     Track 1: In this segment we cover the following topics: Omega 3's Meta Anaylsis Dietary Wrongs Track 2: In this segment with Ed Dratz we have ...Continue Reading
SEXUAL HEALTH with Robin Thomson (7/21/2018) - Dr. Robin Thomson is a naturopathic physician focusing on treating patients with biotoxin- and other chronic illnesses. Realizing a "missing piece" to her patients' treatment of Lyme disease with longterm antibiotics, Dr. Thomson completed the Dr. Richard Shoemaker certification in biotoxin illnesses in 2013. Rarely has she needed to use long-term antibiotics with this protocol, ...Continue Reading
Amy Pereira – ESSENTIAL OILS (6/30/2018) - Essential Oils Amy Pereira, BS, CHNC, RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) With her Bachelor's in Environmental Science, Amy Pereira has been passionately commited to environmental & human health education for nearly three decades and has served a variety of roles within the natural products industry over the past 20 years. Amy has served as a personal ...Continue Reading
BIOSCIENCE LABORATORIES, INC. with Daryl & Marsha Paulson (6/23/2018) - Introductions Image Credits to BioScience Labs website. Dr. Daryl S Paulson (Ph.D, MBA), President and CEO, has extensive experience in skincare research designs, clinical trials, and biostatistics. He is the author of the standard texts of antimicrobial and disinfectant product testing. Dr. Paulson has designed the procedures used at BioScience Laboratories, Inc., for evaluation of ...Continue Reading
SHERRI MITCHELL – SACRED INSTRUCTIONS (6/16/2018) - Sherri was born and raised on the Penobscot Indian reservation (Penawahpskek). She speaks and teaches around the world on issues of Indigenous rights, environmental justice, and spiritual change. Sherri received her Juris Doctorate and a certificate in Indigenous People;s Law and Policy from the University of Arizona's James E. Rogers College of Law. She is ...Continue Reading
TAKING CONTROL OF OUR OWN GUT-HEALTH (6/9/2018) - Dr. Michael Wohlfeld is a Naturopath who lives in California, and who regularly travels the country to speak, educate, do interviews, and show his passion for good health. This is the sixth time that he is a guest on Gesundheit! With Jacobus. Every time there is a pretty good chemistry between us; and so much ...Continue Reading
ALZHEIMER’S (6/2/2018) - June is National Alzheimer’s and Brain Health Awareness Month. In order to recognize that I interviewed both Lynn Mullowney-Cabrera, Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Montana Chapter, located in Billings, and Jeremy Glover, the Community Relations Director at Highgate Senior Living in Bozeman.   Lynn’s office: (406) - 252-3053 x8125 24/7 Helpline: (800) -272-3900 ...Continue Reading
AYURVEDA (5/26/2018) - I had never done a show about AYURVEDA, a 5,000 year old “Science of Life” movement, originated in India. Then I heard about Elaine Doll, CAS, PKS, LMT, founder of Blissful Ayurveda in Bozeman. Elaine was a wonderful guest, who has been studying and living Ayurveda since 2004: and who has been in private practice ...Continue Reading
DAVE WOOTEN- CRAZY HORSE (5/19/2018) - BOOK discussion: “CRAZY HORSE - WHERE MY DEAD LIE BURIED” by Dave Wooten       I had known for more than a year that DAVE WOOTEN was writing a book about Crazy Horse (Tasunka Witko ("His Horse Is Crazy"), the amazing Oglala Lakota (Sioux) War Chief (1840-1877). I told him then that I would love ...Continue Reading
MONTANA COMPOUNDING PHARMACY with Tim and Kathe Calcagno (5/5/2018) - Tim Calcagno's experience as a pharmacist has been extensive! After receiving his degree from the University of Arizona in 1970 he started working with Thrifty Drug, Inc. In 1977 he opened is own pharmacy, called Earl Neal Pharmacy, while continuing his education. 16 years later, in 1993, Tim decided to make a lifestyle change. He ...Continue Reading
Carol Wilcock and Natalie Gonzales – AN INTEGRATIVE MEDICAL APPROACH TO BETTER HEALTH (4/7/2018) - Carol Wilcock is a Registered Nurse of 30+ years with a passion for wellness. She worked at St. Peter's Hospital as a float nurse for 10 years, a physician office nurse, home oxygen clinician, and instructor at UM Helena and Carroll College. She began a self-study program 20 years ago in Complementary Medicine. She finished ...Continue Reading
5 ELEMENT NUTRITION with Marcia Scully-Wollerman (3/24/2018) - 5 Element Nutrition Marcia Scully-Wollerman Marcia Scully-Wollerman is a mother, nutritionist, education, intuitive healer and author. She encourages re-establishing the natural rhythm in the body rather than relying solely on willpower for well-being. Raised on a mid-western farm, she has been intrigued by good nutrition since early childhood. Her first training was in Secondary Education. ...Continue Reading
Alan Bell POISONED (3/17/2018) - POISONED Alan Bell After years of prosecuting hardcore criminals, rising legal star Alan Bell took a private sector job in South Florida's newest skyscraper. Suddenly, he suffered such bizarre medical symptoms, doctors suspected he'd been poisoned by the Mafia. Bell's rapidly declining health forced him to flee his glamorous Miami life to a sterile "bubble" ...Continue Reading
Red MoonEagle – ENERGY SENSITIVE CHILDREN (3/10/2018) - ENERGY SENSITIVE CHILDREN Red MoonEagle Red MoonEagle is a shamanic healer, astrologer and energy worker. She works with spirit guides and can see life patterns, karmic patterns and past life influences. She helps clients understand the web of life and assist them in fulfilling their purpose in life. Red guides them to harmonious acceptance of ...Continue Reading
Dave Hargett talks about the Benefits of CBD Oil (2/10/2018) - This was such an interesting interview. DAVE HARGETT is owner of the company Innovative CBD. He has been in the cannabis business since he was eighteen years old. you will learn about the Industrial Hemp business, the legality of hemp and cannabis today, the specific extraction machine Dave has developed, the endocannabinoid system (including a ...Continue Reading