3 HOUR SPECIAL featuring Ann Louise Gittleman & Laura Selby

A solid 3 hours of POWERFUL INFORMATION!

Enjoy 1 hour of Jacobus and his research on GLA and article sharing of “Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA)”

Ann Louise Gittleman then joins the show for the 2nd hour to discuss her latest book “Radical Metabolism”

And Laura Selby wraps the final hour discussing her Holistic Spa Instinct Bozeman

Ann Louise Gittleman

Columbia- educated nutritionist, visionary health expert and bestselling author, Ann Louise Gittleman, has always been a trendsetter in functional and integrative medicine. Continually breaking new ground in traditional and holistic health, she is internationally recognized as a pioneer in dietary, environmental, and women’s health issues and is known as “The First Lady of Nutrition” among her millions of followers worldwide.

Ann Louise has also authored 35 books (including New York Time bestsellers).

She also was on this show, twice, back in the year 2000. She was my second guest, discussing Menopause (07/16/2000); and the second time she talked about “Eat Fat, Lose Weight” (11/05/2000).

Her new books is called

Contact Information:




Laura Selby

For most of her life Laura Selby has been interested in a lifestyle of wellness, but her journey to holistic beauty and wellness really began at age 16, her fist year of college.

A year of nearly constant illness (chronic strep, chronic UTI’s, multiple kidney infections, Meningitis, and Shingles) during which time she was prescribed antibiotics on almost a monthly basis.

Her journey from there has been one of rebuilding her immune system and learning along the way about the ways in which environmental pollutants, specifically those in personal care products and food, affect our health and wellness.

Laura has ben licensed as an esthetician for 15 years, as a massage therapist for 9 years, and as an esthetics instructor for 8 years (I taught at Healthworks for 6 years).

She also holds a bachelor of science in Journalism from the University of Oregon and she has taken the pre-med prerequisite track at Montana State University.

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2018 Show

Track 1:

Introduction to show

Outline of the show

Explaining omega 3 and omega 6

Sources of Omega 3

  • fish
  • flax seeds
  • chia seeds

Sources of Omega 6

  • nuts
  • seeds
  • grains
  • beans

Dietary ratios

PREFERABLE 1:1 ratio Omega 3 to Omega 6

Latest Trend: is more like:

  • 2:1 Omega 6 to Omega 3
  • 3:1 Omega 6 to Omega 3

Active fats

Breakdown conversion in digestion

Description of Inflammation

Starting article on GLA/Life Extension Foundation

For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Different Dosages

Track 2:

Finishing article on GLA

Call about GLA

  • For Eczema
    • Diabetic Neuropathy
    • Asthma
  • Cancers
    • Breast
    • Brain
    • Bladder

Track 3:

Introduction to Ann Louise Gittleman

The New Thyroid Cure

Gallbladder and metabolism

  • Bile (Hypothyroid)
  • deficient
  • sluggish

Analogy of Dietary Sink

  • Bile is dishwasher detergent

What to do if gallbladder goes bad

  • no fat soluble vitamins


Rewriting rules of nutrition

Connection Bile – Thyroid hormones

Fats on the inside – fatty liver

Call about no thyroid- is she doomed? 

Text about age groups for the diet and diet easiness for busy people on the go

Call about gallbladder surgery

Track 4:


Continuation of call about gallbladder surgery

Her juices are BITTERs

  • include hikama
  • how to make the juices & soups
  • more on gallbladder, bile and bitters

Call about not having a gallbladder and the need for Siberian Pine Needle Oil

  • good for entire digestive track

Continued talk on “Radical Metabolism” book

Track 5:

Introduction to Laura Selby

Fragrance discussion

Laura talks about her spa: Instinct Bozeman

  • Focus on natural, allergy free & helping the skin absorb nutrients
  • Different therapies offered such as:
    • LED Light Therapy
    • Infrared Sauna
  • Explaining PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
    • Healthier, better than botox

Track 6:

Location of Laura’s spa

  • how has it expanded and moved
  • open house

What is the goal?

Hydra facial skin treatment


Doctors and nurses on staff

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