5 ELEMENT NUTRITION with Marcia Scully-Wollerman

5 Element Nutrition

Marcia Scully-Wollerman

Marcia Scully-Wollerman is a mother, nutritionist, education, intuitive healer and author. She encourages re-establishing the natural rhythm in the body rather than relying solely on willpower for well-being.

Raised on a mid-western farm, she has been intrigued by good nutrition since early childhood.

Her first training was in Secondary Education. After receiving her degree in 1971, she taught high school English for 15 years, while she began raising her children. During this time she began her Graduate Studies in Counseling. At a certain point in time, she felt she could help young adults in a more practical way if she got her Nutrition Degree and taught them how to care for their bodies. In 1988, she finished her Certification as a Nutrition Consultant from the American College of Holistic Nutrition.

Marcia chose Seasonal Nutrition as her emphasis. She went into private practice, helping hundreds of individuals and families restore the natural rhythm of the body through the stable, practical, natural science of Nutrition.

In the past eight years, she has updated her original degree work by doing additional study in areas of: Learning Disabilities, Women’s Health Issues, Sports Nutrition, Weight Management, and Metabolic Function.

Marcia has clients at her own office; and she sees clients at Health in Motion Physical Therapy on Fridays from 8:30 – 11:30 (by appointment only – 585-4642)

Contact Info:


Office Phone: (406)-522-0722

Email: 5elementfoods@gmail.com

Track 1: Marcia explaining her start in this field; and her life growing up in Iowa

Track 2: Marcia explains her health struggles and talks more about her handicapped daughter and about her family life

Track 3: History of 5 Element Nutrition
Life = Divine Order
Ying-Yang Philosophy
Western Philosophy
Chinese: longevity had to be quality
PH Balances
5 organs system had to be part of the meals
ESSENCE is more important than VOLUME

Track 4: Birth Maturation fulfillment
Morning- Spring Noon- Summer- Fire
5 seasons: Chinese move the earth around in different ways
Western medicine is looking more at customized nutrition
Nourishing your SOUL while nourishing your BODY

Track 5: Call about GMO’s in China
Synergistic strength in food – not just molecular!
Main meal should be 5 element balancedExamples for people who get tired early afternoon- what to eat!
5 tastes:
Wood- sour
Fire- bitter
Earth- sweet
Air/Metal- Sharp/pungant
Water- salty

Track 6: Call from one of Marcia’s clients.
Chi: Energy that moves all. Food that grows downward helps chi go down & vice versa.
3 warm levels in our torso.
Metal = Lungs
Fire = Endocrine (more complex)
Wood = Immune System
Winter to Spring season and the “flow” of the immune system.
Earth = Digestive System
Water = Circulatory System

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