June is National Alzheimer’s and Brain Health Awareness Month. In order to recognize that I interviewed both Lynn Mullowney-Cabrera, Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Montana Chapter, located in Billings, and Jeremy Glover, the Community Relations Director at Highgate Senior Living in Bozeman.


Lynn’s office: (406) – 252-3053 x8125

24/7 Helpline: (800) -272-3900


Jeremy’s office: (406) – 587-5100

Segment 1:

Introductions; What does do; Dementia versus Alzheimer’s; 35% is preventable; Highgate: What does the family want? What does the family need?

Segment 2:

Call about drinking alcohol; The real Montana statistics; Lynn’s personal story about her husband suffering from Frontotemporal Dementia, and the frustrating journey through the medical world.

Segment 3:

Call about two topics: Alzheimer’s and using marijuana, and the fact that Veterans Affairs doesn’t want to pay for son’s hiatal hernia surgery; Lively discussion follows; Announcing upcoming Alzheimer’s events: The Longest Day (June 22) and Walk to End Alzheimer’s (September 16); Jeremy’s role and work.

Segment 4:

Call about brother taking both opioids and statin drugs and showing memory problems; Jacobus explains statins; Interesting discussion follows.

Segment 5:

Call about things both young and old can do to prevent, and improve from, Dementia-related symptoms; Lynn talks about lifestyle changes, and about the U.S. Pointer Study (called Finger Study in other countries); Jacobus reads about physiology of Alzheimer’s, and the (obvious) symptoms.

Segment 6:

The effects that low-(saturated) fat and no-fat diets may have had on the American population’s health crisis in the last 50 years; the Whole-Person approach, and many aspects that play a role in achieving better health; Flu-shots and aluminum; How to invest yourself in Alzheimer’s.

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