Essential Oils

Amy Pereira, BS, CHNC, RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher)

With her Bachelor’s in Environmental Science, Amy Pereira has been passionately commited to environmental & human health education for nearly three decades and has served a variety of roles within the natural products industry over the past 20 years.

Amy has served as a personal chef for clients with special dietary needs, as National Educator and Pacific Northwest Sales Manager for the nation’s leading enzyme supplement company and much more.

Amy is currently Pranarom‘s National Educator as well as a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Registered Yoga Teacher and loves helping others in taking responsibility for their own wellbeing and in making educated decisions on their health and wellness journeys!

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Join me as we discuss the topic of Essential Oils with Amy Pereira!

Track 1: Introductions to Amy Pereira and Pranarom

Track 2: Why do plants make Essential Oils
Historical Finds of Essential Oils
What makes PranaRom so special
Call about genetically modified seeds

Track 3: Difference between organic, pure, and therapeutic grade oils
Chemotyped oils
What is the basic use of essential oils?
-On Skin
-On Bath
-In Salt

Track 4: How fast do they work?
How to use in a bath
Some oils HAVE to be diluted
Carrier Oils

Track 5: Why organic is so important
How to incorporate into the skin
Within 15 minutes of being on the bottom of your feet you can taste it in your mouth
Does organic cost more and is it better?
Why are there different formulas?
-Mental Clarity
-Stress Recovery
-Immune Define Solution
-Bug Repellant

Track 6: Call about CBD Oil as an Essential Oil
Discussion on “Thieves”
Explaining stress
What are benefits of Spikenard?
Men like different smells than women

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