Audrey Ross on Athletic Nutrition, Hormonal Deficiencies in both Men and Women

Dr. Audrey Ross has been with Country Life Vitamins as their Western Regional Educator for the last 8 years. She joined the team with an extensive 25 year background in the Natural Products Field.

For 10 years Audrey ran a successful naturopathic consulting practice in Texas. She worked with patients on basic health needs, conducted seminars on general nutrition, weight loss, managing chronic health challenges, stress reduction, label reading, and how to select supplementation.

Additionally, for 3 years, Dr. Audrey worked with several medical doctors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area providing nutritional consultations for some of their more challenging patients. The majority of these patients suffered from diabetes or hyperlipidemia and were not successfully controlling these conditions with just medication. The success rate she achieved was well documented and respected in the local medical community.

Audrey Ross’ passion for education, and her knowledge, have helped her bridge the historical divide between allopathic and naturopathic medical practices.

Contact Information

Country Life

2018 Show

Track 1:

Introductions to Audrey and show

What about reading labels??

What are some of the big changes she has seen in 35 years

  • better quality
  • people more interesting in reading labels

Why do large cooperation’s fear to educate people??

What about it?

Track 2:

Call about Vitamin D

  • Comment during lecture about Vitamin D3 necessity
  • D2? vs D3?
  • Audrey explains
    • medications slow down liver’s capacity to convert vitamin D into D3
  • Jacobus explaining vitamin D3 range

WHY Country Life Vitamins?

NIH has lots of research.

Why doesn’t allopathic medicine keep up?

So much information is out there—> we should be able to share that with others.

Track 3:

Audrey explains B-vitamins

  • what they do
  • take at least 5 days a week
  • blending coenzymated with regular B’s in order to absorb better
    • **Some coenzymated do NOT absorb through saliva

When should one take Vitamin B-singles?

Befothiamine —> Nerve issues 

  • 150 mg breakfast
  • 150 mg dinner

Migraines: magnesium glycerinate + B2

Call about B6

Track 4:

P-5-P conexymated B6

  • Nerves
  • Homocysteine Conversion
  • Energy



  • crosses blood brain barrier to help produce fight depression


  • mutation on gene to convert folic acid into methyfolate (40%-60% of people)

NIH: women who are considering pregnancy

  • start taking methyfolate 30 days before conception to help protect

Why only +/- 50 mg


  • Nutritional Balance Test
    • What are your actual levels?
    • Houston spectra cell laboratories (all kinds of tests)

If bloodsugar problem —> take the coenzyme

Text about glutenzyme —> it’s a raw material issue

Track 5:

Reintroduction of Audrey

“Athletic Nutrition” —> proteins needed

  • Vegan —> Vegan protein – make sure it’s complete
  • Vegetarians + Carnivores —> Whey

Whey Protein Institute: LOOK THEM UP

  • PDCA’s (peddicas) Score (on fecal matter)
  • Dias Score (at end of small intestine)
  • NECESSARY amino acid need in our body
    • building block of our entire body

Call about which whey protein if on moderate keto diet

Biochem Whey Protein Isolate

Concentrate vs. Isolate (biochem)

– not just ion-exchange or hydrolyze (heated)

– yes ultra filtered

– yes micro filtered (cold-filtered)

– dual-filtered

Track 6:

Jacobus recaps show so far

Audrey: active aging week

  • older people – muscle wasting
  • Biochem 

Jacobus: statins —> affect hormones

DHEA – Pregnant women

The need for a personal trainer

DHEA for women vs. DHEA for men

Why organic cane sugar?

Estrogen-positive cancers?

Dangers of xenon-estrogens

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