I had never done a show about AYURVEDA, a 5,000 year old “Science of Life” movement, originated in India. Then I heard about Elaine Doll, CAS, PKS, LMT, founder of Blissful Ayurveda in Bozeman. Elaine was a wonderful guest, who has been studying and living Ayurveda since 2004: and who has been in private practice in Bozeman for 10 years. The way the program went, it opens the door wide for another show on this interesting topic.

Elaine’s office: (406)-579-3910

Track 1: Introductions; What got Elaine interested in Ayurveda; Has Ayurveda survived in modern India; Eight different practices of Ayurveda

Track 2: Ayurveda is a “sister science” with Yoga; The visions by the Rishi’s (the Ancient Seers); introducing the three Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha); What is Vata.

Track 3: Ayurveda in your kitchen; Pitta and Kapha better explained; How Elaine works with her clients; The three pillars/the tripod; Her very first client.

Track 4: Her first client (cont….); Jacobus’ story about elementary school; Elaine explains Agni (fire), Ama (repressed emotions), the 3 Malas, 7 Dhatus, and Prakutri.

Track 5: Two books on Ayurveda; Listener question about the cost for an initial visit ($150.00) and subsequent treatments ($85.00); some of the different treatments Blissfull Ayurveda offers; Elaine explains facial “diagnosis.”

Track 6: Other forms of “diagnosis”; How does a detox program look for a Vata-, a Pitta-, or a Kapha person; Call about how to “treat” an infection that has gone internal; Elaine explains Color Therapy.

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