Burt Goulding Jr & the Essence of the Mineral Silica

Burt Goulding Jr is a Clinical Nutritionist and Managing Director of the Positive Nutrition Institute.

He has been involved in the Natural Food and Supplement Community since 1980, and is currently studying for his Doctor of Naturopathy degree.

Burt has dedicated himself to supporting and strengthening thousands of independent health food stores and natural practitioners. His lectures, training seminars, and radio show interviews are based on the 99% success rating of his complete pH balancing protocol.

Burt, and his family, call sunny Southern California home.

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2019 Show

Track 1:


Customers with “unresolved” issues

Track 2:


  • 1 part silicon dioxide #14
  • 2 parts of oxygen

Periodic Table

Silicon – pushes out

Theory of Substitution and displacement to block Arsenicum 33 – take more Selenium 34

Brain changes shape

  • silicon important for “structure”
    • collagen contains a lot of silica

Edward Lemo PhD: Book Silica

Text about Diatomaceous Earth – poorly absorbed but better colon cleanser than even Psyllium Husks

Bentonite Clay – helps remove mercury – make sure you buy mercury-free Bentonite

Call about Silica to remove Aluminum – to help Alzheimer’s

Track 3:

Poly Substance Delirium

Alzheimer’s drying of the brain

Text about prolapsed uterus – is it reversible?

  • Yes will take 6 months of hard work
    • about over an hour of daily with the help of professional
      • balancing hormones
      • Chinese herbs
      • silica

Super Silica:

  • more absorbable than others
  • Powders are to large to absorb
  • Very small particles from Ancient Seabeds
  • Liquid drops form: Developed in 1958

Track 4:

Recap of show

Burt promotes all forms of Silica

But different sections need different forms of silica.

If the body needs silica it will first get it from hair, skin, & nails.

Long hair develops split-ends – lack of silica.

Increasing chemo to bring the body to “ground zero”

  • It kills the silica – losing hair
  • Grey hair – silica deficiency
    • 60 drops in 60 ox – 6 months – original hair color will return

Track 5:

Jacobus gives a long recap of the show so far

Call about Bromide in the bread today

  • 3-4 Brasil nuts/poor man’s form of Silica

Call about Congestive Heart Failure

  • is there research on that?
  • Burt talks about Kidney Problems

Track 6:

Jacobus gives a final recap (~6 mins)

Text about Glaucoma

Text about blood test or Saliva Test?

Text about BioSil similar to Super Silica and the taste?

Text about Fiji Water (high in Silica) good for Alzheimer’s?

Text about Cell Power

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