BOOK discussion:
by Dave Wooten




I had known for more than a year that DAVE WOOTEN was writing a book about Crazy Horse (Tasunka Witko (“His Horse Is Crazy”), the amazing Oglala Lakota (Sioux) War Chief (1840-1877).
I told him then that I would love for hime to be a guest on the show. Dave answered it would not be a ‘health’-show; but I countered that I was fascinated with that era in American culture and history, and that I thought it could become a great interview. Finally the book was published in 2018, and the show date was set. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I had in preparing and hosting this show. And I encourage you to read the book ($16.95).
Dave also organizes visits and tours to the Battle of Little Bighorn Memorial

Dave Wooten
(406) – 209-9945


Segment 1:
Introductions; Why a book about Crazy Horse; Dave describes Crazy Horse the Man and Crazy Horse the Leader; What is a “Shirt Wearer”;

Segment 2:
Dave studies history of towns he has lived in; How to go about writing a book; What is Historical Fiction; Call about how the white people never treated the natives right; Crazy Horse Tours and the granite carving project of the Lakota war chief.

Segment 3:
Re-introduction of who Dave is, and who Crazy Horse was; Call about Honor, Respect, and Spirituality, Dave explains; Lakota followed anybody they wanted to follow: “Hunger trumps Loyalty”; Story about Crazy Horse hunting with his father and sharing the meat; Dave gives insight numbers of soldiers, horses, and other battle facts.

Segment 4:
The meaning of singing and drumming; native history before the Lewis and Clark expedition; The data of Crazy Horse’s daughter; Burial scaffolds; Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer’s 7th Cavalry; Sitting Bull’s trek to Canada.

Segment 5:
How the Native Indians’ numbers dwindled from 1840-1877; Call about observations in the book: Crazy Horse’s relationship to He Dog, his faith in himself, and Crazy Horse’s view of the white man; Text message about blankets and smallpox; Why was Crazy Horse so fierce?

Segment 6:
Crazy Horse’s responsibilities based on his Vision; Call about other tribes and broken treaties; Dave describes Crazy Horse’s last three months of his life; He lost confidence from his own tribe and from those closest to him: “Killed by too much talk.”

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