Dr. Ronald M. Buss

Ronald M. Buss

Dr. Ronald M. Buss is an outstanding doctor who switched from the emergency medical field to the aesthetic medicine!
He has a lot of interesting information to share with us so check out all of the segments below.








Segment 1: This segment of the show will discuss our family trip to Oregon to start off.
We meet Dr. Buss and discuss his 40 year medical journey, AIDS In The 90’s, Medical Changes In Four Decades and so much more throughout the show!

Segment 2: In this episode we speak with Dr. Buss about Go Figure Weight Loss Centers and how and where they started.
We then discuss protocol and coaching of these centers.
Another interesting topic we cover is weight gain is a chronic disorder.
We also discuss bariatric patients and inflammatory conditions and patients first office visits at the Go Figure Centers.

Segment 3: In this episode we will discuss Dr. Buss’ transition from emergency medicine to aesthetic medicine! We will meet Dr. Buss’ training expert Neal Rouzier MD. We will discuss how Dr. Buss is working with three groups of patients and what those groups are. We will also discuss optimizing hormones.

Segment 4: In this episode we discuss the human evolution on symptoms of menopause/andropause.
We also discuss Premarin/Provera and how doctors fixed side effects of these!

Segment 5: In this episode we discuss bioidentical hormones’ growing interest. We also discuss capsules vs trochees vs transdermal.
We also discuss endometriosis/PCOS and the disorder is in the insulin production not in the ovaries. Finally we talk about low testosterone/low thyroid connection!

Segment 6: In this episode we discuss thyroid disorders.
We discuss naturethoid, Hashimoto’s, and insurance!

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