Dr. Rudy Dragone on Hormones

Hope, help and healing through education and the proper use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is more than an occupation for compounding pharmacist and hormone expert Rudy Dragone, it is his passion, mission and a spiritual journey.
At a very eary age, Rudy had a burning desire to help people. At the age of 17 he enrolled in pharmacy school and by the time he was 21 he became the youngest pharmacist in New York City.
He quickly developed a reputation as a visionary in the pharacy business and before too long owned 10 pharmacies around the Big Apple.

​Seeking a better quality of life for his family, Rudy sold the New York pharmacies and headed for Arizona. Once there he purchased Clarks Pharmacy in Carefree Arizona and set out to help enhance the lives of thousands using his expertise in compounding medicine and hormone replacement therapies.

Rudy has worked for years with Dr. William R. Lee, an internationally acknowledged pioneer in the study and use of hormone replacement therapy for women. Together, they were instrumental in the educating thousands of healthcare professionals about the role of hormones and the use of Bioidentiacla HOrmone Replacement Therapy, (BHRT) in healthcare.
The fire department in Phoenix, Arizona was so impressed; they approved the use and coverage of BHRT in the healthcare of their employees.
After seen the positive impact BHRT has had on the health and quality of life for millions of people, Rudy has made it his mission to spread the word about this remarkable treatment modality.

Contact Information


36889 North Darlington Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85262


2019 Show

Track 1:


Rudy Dragone’s own health introduction

His Story as explained above

His Message = Hope

  • analogy of deck of cards
    • half red (illness)
    • half black (health)
  • You don’t have to cut everything out of your diet

Story about his father at age 65

Track 2:

Too many doctors have a God Complex

How do you get people to understand how to approach your health.

1.) Cleanse the Liver – look at nail of thumb

The more lumen (half moon) the healthier your liver.

Fingers are far away from liver – if no lumen or is very little – unhealthy liver

What can we do for ourselves

Rudy tells story about coffee Enemas

Coffee Enema takes out magnesium and fat-soluble vitamins

Other options – 300 mg Milk Thistle w/ some type of vegetable laxative – otherwise it may be reabsorbed through intestine

Liver is responsible for metabolizing hormones

Track 3:

Repeat Coffee Enema Recipe

  • Make 6 cups of organic coffee
  • Cool down to luke-warm
  • hold for 15-20 minutes

Call about cleansing our lymph system

  • Our body is homeostasis
  • cleansing will affect the whole body

Vitamin D levels – need to activate progesterone deficiency

Birth control studies

Lack of hormones as we age

Track 4:

Question about hypertestorenemia

Pituitary gland may be regulating

use progesterone – calms body – also natural diuretic

Male: probably 7.5 mg

Reference Range: 300-1100

using less progesterone for men affects erections

DHEA creates estrone – growth factors of 10

remove things that cause cancer

increase things that fight cancer

Poor man’s thyroid test – body temp @ wake up

Dr. Kobiyaski in Japan – cancer in clinic – inject malaria to activate white blood cells through 103.5 temp

Track 5:

Recap by Jacobus

text about hot saunas

Human body gets completely rebuilt in 3 years

Hormonal structure – DHEA = 80% of steroid precurser – important for ligaments and tendons

Estradiol – hormone of love

+ Estrogen can be dangerous

Track 6:

Importance of Zinc – when low – too much progesterone

Too much estrogen – migraine behind left eye

too much testosterone – migraine behind right eye

Zinc + chrysin + progesterone if too much estradiol

Jacobus talks about problems with estrogen in last 50 years

Rudy talks about women in Japan with soy compounds that affect estrogens

USA doesn’t eat these – builds more hips and breasts

We need to ground ourselves when using electronics take off rubber soles and walk around barefoot will remove the charge.

2 tsp seasalt in quart of water per day over time you will not taste it anymore!

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