Gary Stoner on Immunotherapy

Dr. Gary Stoner grew up in Manhattan where his father owned a service station; and he graduated from Montana High School in 1960. He then attended Montana State University where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in 1964, and went on to receive his Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Michigan in 1970.

Dr. Gary Stoner has had a very active academic career in research, teaching and administration, mostly at Ohio State University.

During the early stage of his career he focused on LUNG CANCER and the mechanisms by which chemical carcinogens in tobacco cause lung cancer. Some of this work supported the Surgeon General’s decision to recommend AGAINST smoking in public places.

The latter part of Dr. Gary Stoner’s career was focused on the identification of chemicals in cruciferous vegetables and berries that prevent cancer. This work accumulated in the development of a “food-based” approach to cancer prevention using freeze-dried BLACK RASPBERRIES formulated in different ways.

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2019 Show

Track 1:

Introduction to Gary Stoner

Start discussion on immunotherapy

  • Inflammatory Responses

Track 2:

Inflammation both acute and chronic

  • How does it manifest itself in the body/mind/emotions

Inflammation can lead to cancer

  • Cytokines
  • Chemokines
  • Proliferate cancer cells
  • White Blood Cells

Inflammation stimulates cancer cell growth

Track 3:


Late 1800’s in NY – hospital – Dr. Cooler

  • Would inject streptococcus bacteria straight into the tumor
  • He didn’t document everything well according to colleagues
  • After his death, his daughter discovered boxes of reports about every patient – she published them
  • 12%-15% of patients survived

Early 20th Century – scientists tried that with viruses

Gary explained research with viruses in vitro

Immunotherapy – using antibodies or using white blood cells

Basics of Immunotherapy

  • Antibody is y-shaped (can also bind to proteins – compliment proteins)
  • FC-Fragment binds to lymphocytes

Track 4:

Text about x-rays and cancer

  • Gary doesn’t know enough of the data

Text about resetting immune system by 72 fasting

  • discussion about bacteria + gut health
  • some gut bacteria are pro-inflammatory

Why are we often worried about lymph glands?

Top 3 Cancers

  • Most Devastating: Lung Cancer
  • Most Prevalent: Skin Cancer/ Melanoma
  • Women: Lung, Breast
  • Men: Lung, Prostate, Colon
  • Stomach Cancer: Heliobacteri Phylorn
    • affecting epithelium layer in stomach causing cancer
    • 30%-40% of Americans
    • 50% rest of world

Track 5:

Recap and Reintroductions

Gary talks about immunotherapy

at first for leukemia’s and lymphoma’s

Cell-Medicated Killing: Dendritic Cell Therapy

Gary Explains Research on T-Lymphocytes

Track 6:

Kristin Campbell’s therapy for MS in Israel

Why don’t we do that in cancer therapy

Gary explains that we are changing out dietary approach in research today

Who performs CAR-T-cell therapy and how it works.

  • Still very much in its infancy
  • Dendritic also – just like CAR-T: much promising research. But not FDA approved yet.
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