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Jenna Dodge is a student of homeopathy at Academy of Homeopathy Education. She is in her final semester of homeopathy school, practicing under her final semester of experienced homeopaths, and will sit for her certification exam later this year. Jenna lives and practices in Bozeman via “Tele-health” all over the world.

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phone: (406)581-0459

2019 Show

Track 1


Jenna’s Story

  • when her son was 1 year old
  • also bowel problems and speech problems

Miranda Castro “The Complete Homeopathy Handbook”

Track 2

Call about Oscillococcinum

  • what is “proving”
  • why duck liver?

Hahnemann was the only non-politician statue in Washington DC

  • spoke 7 languages
  • studied alchemy
  • didn’t always use succession
  • first remedy was Peruvian Bark

Track 3

Text about business information on Jenna Dodge

Call about encouraging people to use Homeopathy and not give up right away

Text about anxiety and glaucoma

Call about snake poison and placebo effect

Homeopathy Research Institute – Great research studies

Track 4

Hahnemann never lived in the US

James Taylor Kent – most famous homeopath in the US

Example about the law of homeopathy

  • Bee Sting – APIS

Text about taste sensations

Text about bladder infections in babies

Text about homeopathy to quit smoking or treating other bad habits

Text about homeopath in Lubbock, TX

Track 5

FDA Attack on homeopathy

  • Americans for Homeopathy Choice

No homeopathic experts to advise the FDA currently

1939 Food Drug and Cosmetic Act

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