Jerry Schlesser discusses “POTENTIAL”

Dr. Jerry Schlesser has dedicated his professional career to medical entrepreneurship focusing on research, design and implementation of innovations in healthcare. Jerry has created “Potential” and throughout this radio show we will discuss factors of how and why he created it!







SEGMENT 1: Introductions, Dr. Dratz’ Research and Study


SEGMENT 2: History Of POTENTIAL, Processed Foods, Lead In Pipes


SEGMENT 3: Call about mind-body connection and Jerry discusses the gut bacteria and brain neurons. 30% of the nutrients in your blood are created by bacteria in you intestine! Serotonin in very important and related to gut health. Vitamin D3 boosts serotonin in brain.


SEGMENT 4:Reintroduction & Recap,, VitaminK-2, Calcium In The Bones.


SEGMENT 5: Vitamin K1 in Vaccinations, Vitamin K2 For The Brain, Effects Of Blood Thinners.


SEGMENT 6: NRF2(TranscriptionFactors), Synaptic Plasticity, How He Made POTENTIAL Work, Early Studies, Immune System & Leaky Gut.

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