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Jim Caras has consulted in the health and nutrition industry for nearly 20 years. His best selling weight loss book How to Completely Reshape Your Body! is on its sixth publication and his articles on anti-aging, weight loss, pain relief, and achieving optimal health have been published in numerous health magazines. Jim is Founder and CEO of Health Direct, a nutrition company whose “Innovative Anti-Aging Solutions” have benefited over a million users worldwide.

Unique Company History

Jim started Health Direct with the goal of providing people with the best nutritional products available. For years Jim struggled with his weight, experiencing much disappointment with the diet programs and supplements available. Finally, Jim created his own program which comprised a specific regimen of diet, exercise and supplementation. The results were phenomenal. After only 67 days, Jim lost over 20 pounds, 4 inches from his waist; another 9 inches from the rest of his body, and completely reshaped his physique – all without any stimulant weight loss pills, drugs, surgery, or dangerous fad diets.

Jim’s transformation was noticeable and his friends and family were keen on learning more about his “program”; and he was happy to share. As they too achieved body changing results, the popularity of his protocol continued to spread. Soon the demand became overwhelming, and Jim decided to formalize his notes and instructions – he wrote How to Completely Reshape Your Body!

In How to Completely Reshape Your Body! Jim recommended a few specific nutritional products he found integral to his own transformation. Unfortunately the products were uncommon, difficult to acquire and tended to be quite expensive. As thousands of people began achieving results from his book, the suppliers of the products he recommended had trouble keeping up with the demand, and worse, the quality of these products began to suffer. Jim founded Health Direct to offer his clients the high quality supplements they deserved at fair prices.

Twenty years later, Health Direct’s supplements have improved the health and changed the lives of over 1,000,000 people world-wide, and have been sold in over 4,000 natural product retailers.

Popular products include: AminoSculpt®, Sculpt n’ Cleanse®, Nature’s Optimal Nutrition®, Ready Fiber®, and BeActive®.


To this day, Jim still makes Health Direct products “for his personal use and that of his family and friends” which insures no corners are cut in using the best available ingredients at the most efficacious doses, along with the best manufacturing and delivery systems. This is refreshing in a time when most other companies focus mainly on their cost and profit “making products just to sell” which affects the quality and how they work.


Contact Information:

Health Direct

HD Nutrition, Inc.

16750 Hale Avenue

Irvine, CA 92606



(949)825-5370 x101


Track 1:


3 parts of Collagen:

  1. water
  2. Protein (lean body mass) 30% collagen protein – most essential in human body!
  3. Fat

—> Collagen is the glue in the body that holds everything together

How did Jim get involved into Collagen:

Poor Health, overweight with backpain, after trial and error he met the creator of hydrolyzed collagen (medical collagen)

Collagen Peptides

What kind of collagen should I take?

You do not want raw or whole food collagen product…

Collagen in your body is 3 molecular strands wrapped around each other. As we age our body has a hard time breaking down different things including PROTEINS.

Collagen MUST BE HYDROLYZED before you take it— hydrolyzing breaks down so it does not need to be digested— it can be ABSORBED easily!

Collagen Peptides after hydrolization are broken down into amino acids (bi- and tri- peptides)

Difference in gelatin? continued in part 2!


Track 2:

Amino Sculpt (liquid collagen) by Health Direct

Raw collagen (triple helix; 40 strands of amino acid structures which are hard to digest) – gelatin (partially hydrolyzed collagen; long chain amino acid) – peptides form (hydrolyzed collagen) – health direct (does everything themselves; medical grade)

Bone Broth has LOTS of benefits for many other things such as minerals. Often can cause bloating and cramping

Hospitals don’t use bone broth.

The science on bone broth is borrowed from science on hydrolyzed collagen… its like trying hand someone an orange and explaining Vitamin C benefits.

healthdirectusa.com for more information on Amino Sculpt

Collagen used for cancer treatments


Track 3:

Different Types of Collagen

Structurally and commercially

28 different types in the body

1-5 most common

-Type 1 is 90% of collagen in your body (hair, skin, nails, tendons, organs, inorganic bone matter, etc.)

-Type 2 are isolated in the cartilage

picture joints. Type 2 is cartilage and type 1 is EVERYTHING else….

-Type 3 bone marrow and lymph nodes

-Type 4 cell membrane

-Type 5 cell surfaces, placenta, and some hair

3-28 are pixydust on the label…. all good but VERY SMALL and not SUPER beneficial…

Look for Type 1 and Type 2

Type 2: Biosil from chicken sternum — great for SKIN and CARTILAGE!

Type 1: Beneficial to WHOLE BODY (sleep, lean body mass, recovery, healing, hair, skin, nails)


Why are they good for sleep?

Collagen has more amino acids

Glycine – great for sleep – 3.7 grams per ounce

lowers your body temperature



Track 4:

Recap of discussion so far

Why take Collagen Proteins specifically?

#1 It’s natural

#2 Amino Acids

Let’s explain FURTHER.


Why you need Collagen—anyone over the age of 20 needs to be supplementing with collagen.

It’s bioidentical for you rather than other proteins that are not natural to the body. And it’s hypoallergenic!

After you turn 20/25 you lose 1% of your collagen PER YEAR…

By Mid Fifties = 30% loss… and remember collage is 90% of you body makeup!

MANY Things break down your collagen such as stress, sun, climate changes, eating white excessive white flours, caffeine, etc.


Amino acid structures VARY in different protein types.

162% more arginine than whey protein.

in the triple helix structure, the middle strand is hydroxy proline that keeps the collagen together. This is NOT available in any other proteins!

Hydroxy Lysine is unique ONLY to collagen — not found ANYWHERE else…


High Nitrogen Amino Acids.

—> when your body is breaking down more protein than you are taking in— you are in a catabolic state. (negative state)

—> when your body is taking in more protein than you are taking in— you are in an anabolic state. (positive state)

5 High Nitrogen Amino Acids:

  1. Glycine – sleep
  2. Lysine
  3. Arginine
  4. Hydroxy proline
  5. Hydroxy lysine

All responsible for maintaining and repairing muscle tissue in the body…

Collagen has:

451% more Glycine than 1 serving of whey

333% more Argine than 1 serving of whey

162% more Proline than 1 serving of whey

2 Grams Hydroxy Proline — NOT IN WHEY

2 Grams Hydroxy Lysine — NOT IN WHEY

Other proteins are STILL VERY IMPORTANT

Needed for Macronutrients!

Collagen is medicinal and only needed in small amounts to be beneficial


Track 5:

Explanation of adrenal hormones

Jim’s personal story of extreme adrenal fatigue

Our body doesn’t shut up. We have a sympathetic system.


Track 6:

Call about possible antibodies against specific peptides, because it is medical grade.

Collagenous Autoimmune Disease

Medical Grade Explanation- original creation and has been used for 40 years and clinically researched.


Call with discussion about adrenal issues and cortisol.

Call about hydroxy proline in the body

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