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Kathleen Marie Karlsen’s primary interests have always been the arts, healing and spirituality. As a teenager she began to pursue complementary health and alternative philosophies and ideas in earnest. She began to attend conferences and lectures on everything from Atlantis to Native American prophecies to the Egyptian pyramids to color and music therapies.

Kathleen attended several universities after high school and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in studio art (College of William and Mary), a master’s degree in humanities with a thesis on the scientific and aesthetic connections between color and sound (California State University), and completed a year of doctoral studies in adult and higher education (Montana State University).

She spent over a decade living in intentional communities (Quaker, Sufi, and New Age), eventually meeting her husband Andrew, settling in Bozeman, Montana and having a family of five children.

Kathleen is the author of almost two hundred articles and the book Flower Symbols: The Language of Love. In the last decade she has held over seventy art exhibits and created nearly a hundred educational presentations and workshops. Kathleen loves to share her passion for transformation and the healing power of the arts!


Websites: www.KathleenKarlsen.com  


Email:  kathleenkarlsen@msn.com

Phone: (406) – 599-3235

2019 Show

Track 1:


What got her here

Blossoming second half of life

Reaching out to others public presentations. Nervous.

  • Shakti: Energy behind life – Goddess Energy
  • Bliss: When energy flows – this is what you feel
  • Kirtan: Musical gathering (call + response)
    • sanskril

How to bring positive energy into your life

  • Family
  • Relationship
  • Work

Track 2:

Kathleen waking up early to chant somewhere in nature

Eventually buying a harmonium

  • practicing in pantry under stairs

Kathleen explaining Harmonium

  • BEHVA – Company
    • get it tuned

Track 3:

Talking about her art

Painting that looked like a spine (unhealthy)

  • Didn’t want to put it “out”
    • Ended up “cutting” spine out – her back healed!

What are mantras – spiritual “tag” line

  • Spiritual formula for
    • peace
    • freedom
    • healing

M Sanskrit: one of earliest languages

  • Rishis: Hindu Sages
    • Particular mantras are for specific parts of the body
    • songs for devotion

Call about smelling “aromas” while doing Kirtan

  • Kathleen has experienced “hearing extra ‘sounds/voices'”

Track 4:

How to react to people who are very “Christian”

Kirtan Band also signs gospel and hymns

  • Krishna DAS – Grandfather of Kirtan
  • Whomever you sing about: all are part of God
  • Including rivers, mountains, different names for the same “thing”

Jacobus’s experience with his first Kirtan Session

Physical healing in thyroid

  • after 20 years on medication – no more!
  • Throat Chakra – Speaking “your voice”

Chanting is like “internal massage”

Chanting: slow to fast

Kathleen sings another song

  • “wishing all happiness & peace”

Track 5:

Reintroduction to Kathleen

How did her husband Andrew get involved

Explaining Harmonium

Mantras effect on the brain

  • Helps produce Oxytocin, Dopamine & lowers stress hormones
    • Pineal
    • Pituitary
    • Thalamus
    • Hypothalamus

Explaining Hans Jenny (1949) and his work on showing that sound/frequency produces form

Track 6:

SHRI-jantra – very well known symbol connected to sound ohm

  • Probably inner attunement
    • Atlantis Contineint

French Chemist who worked with dyes to get best vibrancy

  • Miguel Chivarelle

Explaining music styles

  • Pokemon
  • Rock
  • Chant

Mozart Effect

  • Synesthesia
    • touch = connected to color (very individually)
    • tone = connected to color

Kathleen talks about why her life turned this way

  • teenager -Edgar Cayce – Ancient Temples of Egypt Musical Chamber
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