Raw Milk and other dairy products have been a HUGE topic in the past year. Such a big topic we didn’t even finish the topic in the 3 hour show!! Want to learn all about it or hear what others had to say? Tune into this 3 hour discussion on all the different aspects of RAW DAIRY.

Track 1:


Going through agenda points for the show

Starting Joseph Mercola Article: “Is Full-Fat Dairy Good For Your Heart?”

Call about book “Plant Paradox” by Stephen Gundry

continuation fo Mercola Article 

Track 2:

Call about sugar in milk and how full fat dairy being great for children’s brain

  • certain fats in the milk
  • raw milk availability in MT

Call about how junk science has dominated

What are fats? The Real Skinny on Healthy Fats and Harmful Fats” article by Neka Pasquale

Continuation of article on fats

Call about opposite of fats benefits

Track 3:

Text about Keto

Call about a non milk drinking diet for 50 years

Still talking about Mercola Article

Call about man used to milk cows as a young boy.

Homogenized – not compatible with human body anymore

Call from a Dairy Farmer- fears community criticism on dairy practices being incorrect.

He wants to rectify that fear

Track 4:

Call about grain-fed vs. grass fed cows

Continued discussion on Raw Milk

Track 5:

New Article from Joseph Mercola “Livestock Nutritionist Defends Raw Milk Safety”

Call about growing up on Raw Milk. Father in a law bought an “old dairy farm” and he found 2 dozen jars of tomatoes in the basement – still good to eat. Difference in food then versus food now.

Continuation of article by Mercola

Move into 2 new articles:

1.) “Sales of Raw Milk Remain Illegal Under Montana’s Big Sky Big Sky” By Food Safety New’s Dan Flynn

2.) “Why is Montana Still Criminalizing Raw Milk” by Chris Rosenau

Call about not being a fan of organic milk and the raw milk health issues

Track 6:

New article topic: “Montana Becomes 43rd State to Legalize Raw Milk Distribution” by www.RealMilk.com

  • Either make it legal or illegal — but if you make it legal, don’t restrict it to only a select few…

How we feed the animals + what do we feed them.

  • GMO foods/too many grains

Milk fever?

Call about cows with no antibiotics and pasteurization

  • There’s no such thing as a humans getting milk fever… but cows do get it when their calcium levels are low.
  • Fear about bacteria? We are constantly exposed to bacteria and it’s GOOD for your immune system…

Call about milking in the 60’s

  • Milk fever on women
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