Red MoonEagle

Red MoonEagle is a shamanic healer, astrologer and energy worker. She works with spirit guides and can see life patterns, karmic patterns and past life influences.

She helps clients understand the web of life and assist them in fulfilling their purpose in life. Red guides them to harmonious acceptance of their work and the choices they have made and or need to make.

As a successful spiritual teacher and life coach, she has helped her clients overcome the obstacles that hold them back in life. Working with psycho-spiritual healing techniques and energy work, she takes into account the body, mind, emotions and spiritual growth.

Red MoonEagle has many years of work in spirituality, including astrology, divination, and Tarot readings. She has a deep abiding passion for herbal healing, natural life styles, healthy nutritional choices, and connecting to the world. She utilizes many healing methods, such as stone therapy, Reiki, and cranio-sacral healing techniques.

Bringing these tools into play is essential to working with her clients in a successful and holistic manner.

Contact Info:

Telephone and Text: (406)690-1137



Track 1: Introduction to Red Moon Eagle
Review empathy and energy sensitivity- who I am

Track 2: Call about Autistic Children
Understanding the needs of spiritual children and their sensitivities to food.
Junk affects how they connect to their inner core.

Track 3: All kinds of names: Star Children, Crystalline Children, Indigo Children, etc.
Higher awareness, higher purpose, connections that cannot be stifled.
What an energy sensitive child is- how to recognize them.

Track 4: Guilt- DO NOT SHAME THEM! Instead explain they want to know…
Do not try to dumb things down
Tools for energy sensitivity: breathing, yoga, meditation, whole foods, empowerment with boundaries

Track 5: Role of Parents
The Characteristics of the children

Track 6: Dealing with “damaged” children. Why they were damaged and what tends to happen.
They will re-write the paradigm of the world
More people are “aware”

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