We love Ed Dratz and having him on our show!

Over the Sweet Pea Weekend here in Bozeman, MT we have had quite the show with many interesting topics.



Track 1: In this segment we cover the following topics:

    • Omega 3’s
    • Meta Anaylsis
    • Dietary Wrongs

Track 2: In this segment with Ed Dratz we have a phone call with Anthony William and we discuss the Alzheimers vs Sugars Connection.

Track 3: In this episode we discuss again more about Alzheimer’s and sugars and the dangers of statins on dementia.

Track 4: In this episode we discuss Birth Control and Breast Cancer.

Track 5: In this segment we discuss Cancer Industry Methods

Track 6: In this segment we discuss the following:

    • more about Breast Cancer without Chemo Antioxidants and female hormones
    • calls about prostate cancer
    • Insurance Companies’ Calls from the Philipines

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