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Systemic Enzymes and Inflammation Easing Herbs

Enzyme formulas feature the major systemic enzymes that can help reduce inflammation in the body. The major system enzymes include: Bromelain, Pancreatin, Papain, Rutin, Trypsin, and Chymotrypsin.  Notice how all the names of the enzymes end with an ‘-in’.   Herbal formulas that can help ease pain and inflammation in the body contain some of […]

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Adaptogen formulas

Adaptogens are herbs to help re-regulate endocrine, nervous system and immune function and improve our response to physical, emotional and environmental stress. What science tells us about adaptogens work in the body: Balance the Hypothalamic/Pituitar/Adrenal function Helps reduce elevated cortisol levels and inhibit cortisol-induced mitochondrial dysfunction. Daily Adapt Promotes Energy/Stress Balance Careful formulation has created […]

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Chinese Herbal Formulas from Plum Flower

Starting summer 2016 we added Chinese Herbal Formulas from the Plum Flower brand to give our customers more options for supporting their health with traditional herbs.

We carry about 10 formulas right now and will expand the selection through requests. Here are some of the formulas customers are choosing.

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More Cholesterol Tidbits

How many of you are worried about your cholesterol? And how many of you have been put on cholesterol-lowering statin-drugs? Cholesterol is very important and beneficial to our health. A total number on a blood test is less important than the numbers of the individual components. We want our HDL as high as possible; our […]

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Natural Products For Regulating Cholesterol – Part 2

Just like last week I’d like to introduce many of you to all natural supplements that have a proven record of regulating out-of-range cholesterol levels. Last week Bergamot and Artichoke Leaf Extract; this week: a vitamin B-5 derivative called Pantethine and a liquid remedy called European Olive. Pantethine has shown that it helps by both […]

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Adrenal Support Supplements

Last week I talked to you about the important hormones produced by our adrenal glands. This week: simple nutrients that stimulate, rejuvenate, and regulate their essential functions. These include actual adrenal gland and cortex harvested from cow, sheep, or pig that have been raised carefully. Certain herbs, roots, and mushrooms also benefit adrenal health. They […]

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