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Burt Goulding Jr & the Essence of the Mineral Silica

Burt Goulding Jr is a Clinical Nutritionist and Managing Director of the Positive Nutrition Institute. He has been involved in the Natural Food and Supplement Community since 1980, and is currently studying for his Doctor of Naturopathy degree. Burt has dedicated himself to supporting and strengthening thousands of independent health food stores and natural practitioners. […]

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BURT GOULDING: The Importance of Silica

Burt Goulding will be back on “Gesundheit!…with Jacobus” this Saturday morning. Last time he was on I received great compliments about his passion in presenting otherwise complicated health issues. Burt will discuss the important functions of the mineral Silica in our body. It’s not just for hair, skin, and nails. Silica will be integrated into […]

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