Discussing the book: “The Hacking of the American Mind” on the radio show.

I am spending 3 hours with Dr. Edward Dratz in the radio studio tomorrow morning. He’ll by my guest on “Gesundheit! With Jacobus”; as we’ll discuss a very interesting book by Robert Lustig, MD, titled “The Hacking of the American Mind.”

Dr. Lustig is really on to something with all his scientific data, regarding the decades-old lie that saturated and mono-unsaturated fats are bad for us; and that high carbohydrate foods protect us from cardiovascular diseases… Recent research proves that the opposite is true!!! The Bad Boys are carbohydrates, ‘added’ sugars, and plant fats (i.e. Omega-6, also found in grains, beans, and most nuts and seeds); the Good Guys are saturated fats, including hormone-free, grass-fed meats, free-range poultry and eggs, fresh-water fatty fish, avocados, MCT-oils, and some nuts and seeds).

Dr. Dratz and I will discuss the research described in the book on how we got there(?); how it is killing any chance of fixing our health care system(!); and what needs to happen to turn our health around. If this sounds interesting to you make sure you tune in tomorrow morning, and learn (like I’ve been doing already this week!)

AND, …Dr. Lustig himself will be visiting Bozeman on Thursday evening, March 8, at the Museum of the Rockies. This public event, starting at 5:30, is proudly hosted by Dr. Dratz.


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