A full agenda Saturday morning on the “Gesundheit! With Jacobus” radio-show. And the main topics will focus on healing common disorders from an integrative medical approach. This means that both allopathic and all-natural approaches are implemented for the best result.

Carol Wilcock, RN, MSN

Natalie Gonzales, D.O.

CAROL WILCOCK, RN,MSN will be back on the program after several years of absence. With a Masters in Nursing, she runs a clinic in Helena, Dynamic Health Technologies.

One of her physicians is NATALIE GONZALES D.O. Together they will explain how different traditionally-trained health professionals are working together to integrate alternative healing modalities into their practice. We are planning on getting to topics related to thyroid- and adrenal disorders, insomnia, digestive problems, joint pains, depression, low-back aches, and others.

These two professionals are simply amazing, very knowledgeable, and actually entertaining on the radio. Please join us!

In Bozeman and surroundings it is on AM 1450-KMMS; in Livingston and surroundings it’s on AM 1340-KPRK. The broadcast is from 8:05 am MST until 11:00 am.  You can also hear us on the web at

And you may also try to download a brand new app from your App Store called “AM 1450 KMMS” give it a try on your mobile device.

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