Gesundheit Nutrition Center

Gesundheit Nutrition Center
natural supplements storeOur store located in Bozeman, Montana provides an excellent selection of natural supplements. Learn About the Store
Gesundheit! with Jacobus Radio Show
jacobus nutrition store ownerEvery Saturday morning you can listen to a wide variety of health topics with the host Jacobus Hollewijn. More about the Gesundheit Radio Show
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Each week we feature a brief Health Pearl for the Bozeman community. Read the latest health articles

Are We Pushing Ourselves Too Hard?

There are those amongst us who are the “Type-A” personalities. They are the “Can-Do Attitude” people. They have abundant energy and usually a good mood. Their agenda is full and they barely sleep, or take time to eat decent meals. It is easy to envy these people, because they often seem to have it all. […]


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