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When to Take Fat-Soluble Vitamins

The very important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K need fat to absorb in our body. A diet consisting of moderate to high fat therefore provides these needed benefits. People on low-fat diets simply have too little fat to properly absorb them, whether they come directly from food or from store-bought vitamins. Studies have […]


Homeopathy for Summertime

Heat stroke Belladonna, Atimonium crudum Insect or Animal bites Ledum paulustre 30C – relieves swelling and itching of mosquito bites, especially when taken during times of exposure. Histaminum 30C – relieves symptoms of reaction to insect bites Bee Stings Apis mellifica 30C – relieves pink, swollen skin with itching, burning pain improved by applying cold […]


Easing Leg Cramps with Minerals and Electrolytes for Summertime

Hopefully we’re all more active in the summer and that means more sweating.  As we sweat, our bodies need electrolytes to keep us hydrated, tolerate heat, and ensure muscles function properly. Electrolytes are easy to take in liquid form, simply add some drops to a water bottle. Magnesium Plus (left) contains both magnesium and Potassium […]


Why You Might Want to Be Drinking Beet Juice

A small study from scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis shows that the humble red root vegetable – perhaps best known for its high beta carotene concentrations – contains a molecule that boosts muscle power. Why You Might Want To Be Drinking Beet Juice At The Gym : The Salt […]


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